Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

W is for the Water Merchants

The Water Merchants are one of the largest and wealthiest caravan companies in the NCR, specializing in transporting water across the wasteland. The Water Merchants and their closest competitors, the Far Go Traders and the Crimson Caravan, together are known as the Big Three, all originating from and keeping their headquarters in the Hub. The Merchants rose to prominence in the early 22nd century during the turmoil that followed after Angus, the founder and governor of the town, was murdered. The Merchants seized control of the oasis’ water tower and started demanding tolls of rival companies for access to the water supply. This led to the conflict known by the Hubbers as the Great Merchant Wars. The Merchants sealed up the town but were outnumbered, and a standoff ensued. The situation lasted for two years until a settlement was negotatiated, leading to the creation of the Hub’s central council, consisting of two representatives of each caravan company and chaired by a law officer, now the NCR governor. The council succeeded in restoring the peace in the Hub and eventually the existing status quo between the caravan groups was grudgingly accepted. It was through backing from the council that bottle caps later came to be accepted as the regional currency, which led to bottle caps also being refered to as „Hub bucks“ in their heyday. Now as part of the NCR, the Hub’s merchant groups have managed to further increase their influence, using their economic weight to gain a foothold in top political circles as well. The scarcity of fresh water sources in many areas of the wasteland ensure the Water Merchants’ continued prosperity, and caravans set out on a daily basis from the Merchants' district in the Hub, dominated by the water tower, to other towns in the region.

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