Saturday, April 2, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

B is for Brotherhood of Steel

The Brotherhood of Steel is a secretive militaristic organization focused first and foremost on the preservation and acquisition of pre-War technology. The origins, structure and workings of the Brotherhood are clouded in mystery and known only to its members, who are born into the organization. More than any other group in the wasteland the Brotherhood are dismissive of outsiders and mutants, often arrogant though rarely outright hostile, and outsiders are only accepted into the organization by great exception. The Brotherhood has been around for as long as anyone can remember, even before the NCR, giving rise to the belief that it originated directly from a pre-War US Army detachment. The Brotherhood is fiercely devoted to and jealously guards its ancient technologies, possessing high tech weaponry and a virtual monopoly on Power Armor suits and advanced medical technology such as cybernetic implants and computers. Despite this, the Brotherhood's power has been perceived to be waning over the years, mostly due to their small numbers especially when compared to the large army the NCR can now field. Relations between the Brotherhood and the NCR are often strained and are getting progressively worse. Its headquarters are located in the Lost Hills bunker, around which later grew the town of Maxson, named after the legendary founder of the Brotherhood, Roger Maxson, though Maxson is a NCR governed town. The Brotherhood are said to have additional small bunkers and outposts spread across the wasteland and the Mojave desert, some even said to be in NCR settlements. Trade between the Brotherhood and other factions exists, but the unwillingness of the Brotherhood to share its more advanced technology causes a lot of bad blood between them and the NCR, and the almost religious zeal with which some Brotherhood members try to keep any form of technology out of the hands of the general populace are considered an affront. The insignia of the Brotherhood of Steel is a winged sword against three gears, said to symbolize the Brotherhood's code and its various ranks.

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