Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

D is for Desert Rangers
The Desert Rangers are a small outfit of self-organized crime-fighters in the Mojave Desert and the badlands of former Nevada. Without a centralized government, the Desert Rangers are the only form of law enforcement which actively tries to police the entire territory of this part of the wasteland, as the various self-serving settlements rarely look beyond their own borders. With a heritage and traditions stretching as far back as the Arizona and Texas Rangers of old, the Rangers’ roots lie in a small community of survivalists in the pre-War southwestern United States. Prepared for the eventuality of an apocalyptic catastrophe when the Great War broke out, these survivalists waited out the following years in the safety of a fallout shelter, with a stockpile of small arms, survival gear, food and books at their disposal. The Rangers’ training focuses on acquiring the necessary survival skills to brave the dangerous wastes, and a strict regime of combat training and physical exercise to be able to best the hostile creatures and ill-intentioned wastelanders who make it their home. Due to their small numbers the Rangers most often work alone, though sometimes larger groups assemble when the situation calls for it; their showdown with a tribal gang leader in New Vegas perhaps the best-known of these. The hallmark of the Desert Rangers is that they go out into the world not only to fight for their own survival, but to make an attempt to make the wasteland a better place.

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