Saturday, April 16, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

N is for New California Republic

The New California Republic or NCR is a democratic federation, controlling most of the territory in the southern part of the former US state of California. NCR can also be used to refer to the federation's capital city, Shady Sands. Founded in 2186 in this small farming and Brahmin herding settlement, the NCR was founded on the principles of democracy, equality and liberty. Today NCR Capital is the largest, most prosperous city built post-War and the federation, boasting over 700.000 inhabitants, an economic and military power without equal in the wasteland. During the 52 years president Tandi held office, the NCR peacefully expanded southward, first by establishing trade routes with Junktown and The Hub, the latter eventually joining the NCR shortly after the former. Other towns in the region soon followed. The NCR now counts five members states: Shady, Hub, Maxson, Los Angeles and Dayglow, as well as other important holdings such as several forts and Vault 15. Currently its expansionistic drive is aimed at its neighbors to the north, likely candidates being New Reno, Vault City, Redding, Klamath and New Arroyo. Tandi's death at the age of 103 one year ago might prove an important turning point in the NCR's history. To her credit, Tandi ever kept her father's legacy alive during her terms as president, placing the benefit of the common man as a guiding principle for the rapidly growing republic and always resolving conflicts with its neighbors diplomatically. While she managed to keep the military brass and the right wing elements in Congress under control, appeasing them in the later years of her presidency by appointing notorious hawk Frank Carlson as her vice president, Tandi did not or could not check the growing influence of the wealthy Brahmin barons and ranchers and powerful trading companies. Some fear the fledgling federation is slowly but surely sliding from democracy to plutarchy, as organizations such as the Stockmen's Association and important merchant families often control multiple governorships or Congress seats and use them to further their own or their state's best interests, at the cost of the NCR as a whole. With the NCR's rapid expansion came in tow an equally rapidly growing bureaucracy, corruption and backroom politics. Joanna Tibbett, current president and Tandi's vice president in her final years, has the popular support and backing in Congress, but will likely not be able to rely on it as unconditionally as Tandi could.

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