Monday, April 4, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

C is for the Chosen One

The Chosen One is a figure out of modern day legend. Many stories have been spread about this enigmatic individual in recent years, though quite a few tales of his professed exploits have become so exaggerated over time that it has become impossible to tell truth from fiction, while other so-called first-hand accounts of his deeds glaringly contradict each other. Be it as it may, there are enough reliable sources from many different parts of the wasteland who claim to have seen, spoken or even journeyed with him, to establish without a doubt that there was indeed a real-life person, going by the moniker of the Chosen One, travelling the wastes of former California some years past. Surprisingly little is known about his identity. He was a Tribal from a small farming village to the far north called Arroyo. As the son of the village elder he was called upon to undertake a task of the utmost importance when severe droughts plagued the village and thus, as is customary in such societies, he was sent on a sacred quest. The Chosen One's task was said to be to retrieve a fabled item that would transform the dessicated earth into a verdant paradise. Though this is a common theme in various wasteland legends, some scientists believe this item to have been an actually existing pre-War terraforming device. In his travels the Chosen One influenced the lives of many and performed heroic deeds of bravery and selflessness, supposedly the greatest of these the defeat of an unknown yet terrible threat to the wasteland, lying dormant beyond the ocean, though details of this feat are vague to say the least. It is probably wisest to discount the majority of the stories being told about the Chosen One, but it is certain that he did later return to Arroyo, together with a group of vault dwellers from Vault 13, the same vault from which that other legendary figure, the Vault Dweller, was said to have come (and as the Tribals of Arroyo like to tell, it was he who founded their village and the Chosen One was his grandson). The Chosen One became the new village elder and Arroyo once more prospered, the two peoples united and began building their New Arroyo, destined to become a shining beacon of civilization high up north.

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