Sunday, April 24, 2011

Additional Edges/Hindrances

Some additional Fallout Traits and Perks savaged to Hindrances and Edges:


Veteran: - Size Matters (St d12, Bracing, Super Mutant): Can fire a heavy weapon using only one hand
Legendary: - Silent Death (Ag d12, Fighting d10, Ghost): If a stealth attack succeeds, gain The Drop


- Bruiser (Minor): The hero is a little bigger than most, but also a little slower. Discard a drawn face card for a new card
- Small Frame (Minor): The hero has a very slight build, reducing his carrying capacity. May only carry St x 3 unencumbered. Human only
- Schizophrenic (Minor): Prolonged use of stealth technology has left the hero paranoid and delusional. The character often experiences hallucinations or suffers from a split personality. Additionally the character suffers a -2 penalty to Notice checks. Super Mutant only

changed following Hindrances:

- Kamikaze (Major): The hero never pays any attention to defence, he/she always prefers to press the attack. Parry is limited to the character’s Fighting skill / 2
- Night Person (Minor): As a night-time person, you are more awake when the sun goes down. Your perception and intelligence are dulled during the day. -2 to Smarts-based skill checks during the daytime

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