Monday, April 11, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

I is for Interstate 15

Interstate 15, also nicknamed Long 15, is a ruined freeway spanning the Mojave desert and the wasteland's most important trade route. The expansive network of asphalt concrete roads in the pre-War United States is now largely in ruins, worn down by the ravages of war, centuries of neglect and the elements. Littered with holes and huge swaths destroyed or torn up, the roads would prove problematic for motorized vehicles, but are now mostly used with little difficulty by caravans with pack Brahmin. The most extensively travelled and best preserved of these is I-15, connecting the former states of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Point of origin for most caravans on this route is the Boneyard on the western coast. They follow the old freeway north and east, past the San Bernardino mountains, until they reach The Hub, which is located near to the crossroads of I-15 and I-40, a less frequented trade route leading towards Arizona. At this juncture caravans can either continue north, following the trail in the direction of Junktown, NCR Capital, and beyond that, Vault City and New Reno. Following Long 15 the way heads deeper into the Mojave desert, leading past the ominous Necropolis before reaching the towns of Primm, Goodsprings and ultimately New Vegas. In an effort to stimulate trade and facilitate public and military transportation, the NCR has in recent years started large scale public works, constructing new roads and repairing the ancient railroad network.

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