Friday, April 1, 2011

A-Z blogging challenge: Fallout lore

As part of the April A-Z blogging challenge, I'll be making a series of posts about the lore of the Fallout universe: important people, places and events. These are geared towards my players who aren't familiar with the setting, so die-hard Fallout fans will most likely not read anything new here, and I won't go into certain topics to keep these posts spoiler-free. :) Without further ado I'll kick of with (where else) A.

A is for Aradesh

Aradesh was one of the founders and the leader of a small settlement of farmers and Brahmin herders by the name of Shady Sands, in the second half of the 22nd century. Originally an inhabitant of Vault 15, he was one of many who left the Vault due to the constant infighting and overcrowding. While three groups of the exiles would ultimately become roving raider gangs, his group eventually settled down and founded Shady Sands, a self sufficient, close-minded community of a few hundred souls. The settlement soon found its continued existence threatened, as Khan raiders began to terrorize the surroundings and the Brahmin herd fell prey to a Radscorpion infestation. It was said that an enigmatic figure known only as the Vault Dweller eventually came to the town's aid and even rescued Aradesh' daughter Tandi from the raiders. It is often speculated that it was in following this stranger's example that Aradesh began working on a more inclusive community, accomodating people of all creeds and races and devoted to the ideals of liberty and equality. And so in the year 2186 in humble Shady Sands began the now great New California Republic and Aradesh became its first president. After the disappearance of her father during an ill-fated expedition some ten years later, Tandi took over the reigns of leadership, unanimously voted into office for all her subsequent terms as president, bringing the NCR half a century of peace and prosperity. During this time Shady Sands peacefully extended its borders, soon encompassing Junktown, The Hub and many more. Many buildings and places in the NCR are dedicated to the memory of Aradesh and his portrait graces the $5 bill.

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  1. I haven't played the older Fallout games so sometimes I feel like I'm missing the references in the newer games. Thanks for the info! :)