Thursday, April 7, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

F is for the Followers of the Apocalypse

The Followers of the Apocalypse are a group dedicated to the goal of rebuilding the wasteland. They seek to accomplish this by providing education and care to all inhabitants of the wasteland indiscriminately: the principles of cooperation and the free flow of information are the highest good to the Followers. They greatly value the pursuit of knowledge, not as an end in itself or for their own greater glory, but as the means with which humankind can be uplifted and taught to avoid repeating the mistakes that led to the Great War. Their very name is a constant reminder of what can happen when knowledge is abused or the lessons of the past ignored. The Followers support the idea of the equal distribution of technology and supplies to all those who can make use of it, which often causes friction with both the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR, which they chide for hoarding their technology and only looking after its own citizens respectively. Though the Followers oppose the viewpoints of these factions, they are a strictly pacifist organization and never resort to violent means. The Followers are well-liked throughout the wastes, as they build schools and hospitals, teach people valuable agricultural and medical knowledge and let anyone benefit from their scientific expertise. Members of the Followers are often found in destitute settlements lending aid to the needy, providing education and medical treatment without passing judgment or forcing political viewpoints on those they help. Originally founded in the Boneyard nearly a century ago, the Followers benefited from the expansion of the newly-founded NCR and quickly became a major influence in it, gaining respect for their hard work and for providing a safety net in those instances where the infant state failed to do so. Their headquarters are still located in the old Public Library building of the Boneyard, which later also became the site of their Medical University.

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