Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

E is for the Enclave

Of all the myriad factions and organizations in the wasteland, perhaps none is as shadowy and enigmatic as the militaristic group later known as the Enclave. Most information on them is little more than rumors, as the NCR government does not speak out on the subject. Opinions on them vary widely: some considered them dangerous, a potential threat to the newfangled society that emerged from the ashes of nuclear devastation, while others recognized in them the wasteland's best hope of rebuilding civilization and restoring the country to its former glory. It was only a decade ago when the existence of the Enclave first came to the wasteland's attention. Eyes were turned towards the sky when for the first time in centuries aircraft flew high above, Vertical Take Off and Landing craft called Vertibirds; technology long thought lost. No official contact was ever made with the people who piloted these machines, though multiple witnesses claim to have seen them drop off soldiers clad in black Power Armor in remote locations, and some link these to the mass disappearance of miners in the town of
Redding some years ago. Virtually nothing is known of where the Enclave came from or what their agenda was, giving rise to much speculation. Based on the insignia the Enclave bore, which seem to represent the thirteen American commonwealths that together formed the United States, a popular theory became that the Enclave was or considered itself to be the continuation of the pre-War government of the United States. Then one day, as suddenly as they had come, the Enclave vanished, ostensibly leaving no trace behind. The most advanced technology the wasteland had ever seen was a powerful lure however, so the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel wasted no time in tracking them down. Details are sketchy at best, but soon after a military complex was supposedly found and all Enclave forces destroyed; recent announcements that the NCR military has started production of its own Vertibirds seem to confirm this rumor. Since then, occasionally stories crop up about a citizen being exposed as a former Enclave member and put to trial for war crimes.

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