Saturday, April 9, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

H is for Hubologists

Hubologists are a religious cult founded before the Great War, adhering to the writings of the author and visionary Dick Hubbell, referred to by Hubologists as "The Hub". The headquarters of the Church are based in San Francisco, from where the subordinate centers located in various towns are directed. The Hubologists have considerable influence in San Francisco, and to a lesser extent also in the NCR, having a great deal of wealth and many fanatical followers at their disposal. They are widely known as very active proselytizers, at times even resorting to aggressive tactics when dealing with Oppressives - those who disagree with their views. The advanced teachings of Hubology are kept a secret and disclosed only to the upper echelons of the Church and those who reach a high enough "alignment", though the main tenets are fairly well known. The Hubologists view life and the universe as a Great Wheel, at the center of which are Hubs, which control the flow of the Wheel. The Hubologists are the Spokes, who understand the motion of the Wheel and facilitate it. The outer rim of the Wheel are those who do not understand or refuse the teachings of Hubology: Rim Meat, who get ground by the movement of the Wheel. Using electricity-conducting machines the Hubologists perform Zeta Scans, meant to align the spirit to the movement of the Wheel and cleanse the body's energies or neurodynes from the corrupting influence of the lingering soul-pieces of the dead. The Hubologists believe that once an Aligned Hub Seeker reaches a high enough level of enlightenment, he will be able to become one with the Star Father and their extra-terrestrial brethren, as it was in the beginning of time. To this end the Hubologists also avidly research aerospace technology, in case the Uplifting does not come during their lifetime. There are some outsider who claim that Hubology is a fake religion, scamming gullible followers into making contributions and donations to progress to higher AHS levels, though the Church adamantly refuses such allegations and deals harshly with slanderers when possible.

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