Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

J is for John Bishop

John Bishop is the patriarch of the Bishop clan, one of the more powerful families running New Reno. Long a haven for all sorts of activities illegal in more civilized areas of the wasteland (such as slavery, weapon trafficking, prostitution, gambling and drugs production), New Reno's lack of any official form of government or law enforcement, even in name, had left it controlled solely by the four major crime families. Street fights and covert killings between the families frequently occurred, and all that kept the mob-run anarchy from all-out war was the fact that scaring away the visting gamblers and their dollars was bad business for everyone. The Mordinos, arguably the strongest family after their newest, highly addictive drug Jet hit the market, comfortably sat back and worked to keep the status-quo intact, while the smaller clans such as the Wrights and Salvatores divided the lucrative alcohol and weapon trade. Though in a comfortable enough position himself, John Bishop understood that the rule of the strongest meant that his family's fortunes could change in an instant, if the other families were to ally against him. Thus looking beyond the power play of New Reno itself, he entered into secret negotiations with the NCR, forming a political alliance between the two, in the hopes of consolidating his influential role in the city's affairs. The next few years the Bishops rose to prominence, ridding the town of its worst excesses and slowly absorbing the other families. It is often whispered that the mysterious deaths around this time of congressman Roger Westin and vice-president Frank Carlson were somehow related to the formation of the New Reno-NCR alliance, and that it was a result more of corrupt backroom politics rather than true congressional deliberation. These opinions aren't stated out loud however, as with the promptly anticipated entry of the city into the Republic, political circles expect the Bishops to be formally recognized and lawfully mandated as New Reno's NCR deputation, and John Bishop himself is likely to receive a seat in Congress. To sweeten the deal, amendments to the constitution are said to be in the making, relaxing the NCR's legislation concerning gambling and prostitution.

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