Friday, April 22, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

S is for the Slaver's Guild
The Slaver's Guild is a powerful alliance of veteran slavers controlling much of the slave trade in northern California. While slavery is outlawed in the NCR and other civilized settlements, the practice persists in many other areas and is a very lucrative business in the post-War wasteland. Rather than compete against each other, several smaller groups of slavers banded together to organize joint capture hunts and fix market prices. The loose alliance grew into a strictly controlled guild which now dominates the slave trade, so much that operating without the Guild's approval is likely to get a slaver killed. Members of the Slaver's Guild must have the Guild's distinctive mark tattooed on their face, making it very easy for the Guild to spot outsiders putting slaves up for auction and take appropriate action. As most settlements in northern California lack any real government, the tightly run Guild often controls the smaller towns where it operates, openly or behind the scenes. The Slaver's Guild headquarters are located in the Den, as well as a smaller branch in New Reno, where it maintains relations with the local crime families, trading slaves for weapons and drugs. Though slavery is fiercely opposed and outlawed by the NCR, the Guild nevertheless manages to conduct limited business in its territories, exploiting several legal loopholes, much to the chagrin of abolitionists. NCR Rangers often seek out slaving expeditions beyond the Republic's borders and destroy them whenever possible, making the Rangers and slavers mortal enemies. Ironically, the Slaver's Guild can be considered one of the most inclusive organizations in the wasteland, accepting members of all races, colors and creeds.

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