Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A-Z Fallout lore

K is for the Khans

The Khans are a semi organized, highly territorial and brutal band of raiders, terrorizing the wasteland in different incarnations throughout the last century. The Khans have modelled themselves after the Mongol warriors of old: raiding towns, killing those who stand in their way and dragging survivors off to be sold as slaves and burning what they cannot take. Their survivalist lifestyle and thinking boils down to "the right of the strongest over the weak", and thus they have little regard for the rule of law, respecting only brute strength. Because of this Khans are ever eager to prove their mettle in combat to show their worth to the clan or to defend their honor in single combat, preferring hand to hand and melee weapons to firearms, which they use primarily for raiding. When leaving their camp they usually travel in small scouting parties of a few raiders, and group only into larger war bands when they plan to sack a settlement. The Khans are also widely believed to be one of the first gangs in the post-War wasteland to start the drug trade, manufacturing Psycho and other addictive chems. The first Khans were one of the four groups to leave the overpopulated Vault 15, two of these other groups would eventually become raider bands as well: the Vipers and the Jackals, while the last founded Shady Sands. The Khans were constantly in conflict with the other groups, until the raiders were finally dealt with when the NCR grew in power. The Khans seemed permanently defeated, until they resurfaced some years ago under the name of the New Khans, once more raiding caravans and NCR settlements, making their base in the now deserted Vault 15. Even though the New Khans were in turn crushed, some of the survivors fled east into the desolate Mojave and settled down, rebuilding their strength as the Great Khans, licking their wounds and biding their time.

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