Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meet the wasteland 2: Goris

A write-up for Goris, whom you might remember as a recruitable companion in Fallout 2.

Goris (seasoned Wild Card)

The mysterious robed figure you see before you makes quite the impressive sight. Standing easily 10 feet tall and bulkier than any man or mutant you've ever seen, even a Super Mutant has to look up to try and catch this stranger's gaze. Clad in a large rough spun pair of robes, his face is entirely obscured by a deep hood, his arms hidden in wide sleeves, the rest of his body indiscernible in the long flowing robes. There is something peculiar about his stance, but you're not quite sure what it is exactly. He turns his head in your direction and, without saying a word, looks at you, and seems to scrutinize you carefully. After a long moment he finally speaks: "Hello traveller, I'm Goris, son of Gruthar. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Forgive me if I don't extend my hand in greeting, but I'm afflicted by a terrible mutation and would not want to frighten or revolt you." His voice is harsh and rasping, and sounds unfamiliar and unpleasant to your ears, but the friendliness of his words almost immediately puts you at ease.

Goris is one of the last, if not the last, of the intelligent Deathclaws bred and later exterminated by the Enclave. Away on a scholarly trip when Horrigan's men slaughtered everyone in Vault 13, Goris now roams the wasteland, seeking knowledge, to improve relations between different species, and perhaps others of his kind still remaining. As Deathclaws are only known as mindless monsters, Goris has a serious social disadvantage when interacting with others. To hide his reptilian appearance he always goes disguised in large, loose fitting brown robes which he throws off when entering combat. Due to this he has -6 Charisma, though this is reduced to -2 when wearing his robes. He cannot use weapons or perform actions that would require human-like hands. His claws are natural weapons and do St+d6 damage and as such he is never considered an Unarmed Defender. Goris also has infravision which halves penalties for darkness modifiers.

Parry 9 - Toughness 11 - Rad Resistance d8 - Pace 8 - Run die d8

Strength d12+2 - Agility d10 - Vigor d10 - Smarts d8 - Spirit d8 - Charisma -6
Fighting d12+2 - Intimidation d12 - Notice d12 - Stealth d10 - Survival d12 - Science d6 - Persuasion d8 - Streetwise d4

H: Pacifist (m) - Curious
E: Ambidextrous - Imp. Frenzy - Imp. Nerves of Steel - Scholar

Plain Brown Robes, Satchel

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