Thursday, February 24, 2011

Meet the wasteland 4: Harold

The next in our line-up of mutated wastelanders, the ever lovable, grumpy mutant Harold and his buddy Herbert, sorry, Bob.

Harold (veteran Wild Card)

You see before you what looks like a particularly ugly, decrepit Ghoul shambling in your direction. You immediately notice that he seems to be missing quite a few body parts, his right hand among them. What really draws your attention however is his deformed face: a twisted mess of dark green leathery skin, the sinews and flesh underneath peering through in many places, and only a single eye remaining, large and yellow. But hideous as his countenance may be, it's what on his head that makes this creature such a uniquely bizarre sight: amid the few tufts of grey hair a small tree, of a kind you've never seen before, seems to be growing from his cranium. As the mutant passes by, he turns his eye toward you and notices you staring at him. He stops to look you over, and says in a grinding voice: "Well, what are ya standin' there fo', gawkin' like an idjit? Ya ne'er seen an ugly ol' Ghoul with a tree growin' outta his head befo'?" He glares at you for a moment, then seems to think his words over, and starts again in a softer tone, laughing: "Well no, I s'pose ya haven't, I fo' sure ain't ne'er seen any, 'part from myself!" He extends his left hand and continues: "Name's Harold, pleased ta meet ya," he rolls his eye, looking up toward the tree, "an' this here is Herbert." He suddenly lets out a chuckle and shakes his head. "Naw, I'm jus' kiddin' ya. What kinda name would Herbert be fo' a tree? His real name's Bob. He hates it when I do that." He winks at you, knowingly, though you're not sure you get the joke.

Harold is a one-of-a-kind inhabitant of the wasteland. Though he resembles a Ghoul in appearance, he's actually the result of FEV mutation. Originally a vault dweller, Harold was part of the first expedition into the Mariposa military base, together with, among others, Richard Grey. Knocked unconscious after entering the vats room and waking up again out in the desert, already heavily mutated, Harold might actually be the first FEV mutated human since the Great War. It's possible that his unique form of mutation might have resulted from only superficial contact with the goo, instead of being dipped in the vats like Super Mutants. Harold started travelling through the wasteland after the incident, staying in the same place for a while and then moving on again, losing a couple of body parts along the way. After his sojourns in the Hub and Los, he eventually wound up in Gecko, where he took charge of the nuclear power plant that was being run by the Ghoul population there. By this time Harold's mutation had developed even further, causing a strange small tree to start growing from his head, whose name is Bob and doesn't like to be called Herbert at all. Whether Bob is actually sentient is unclear, but it seems the two of them have some sort of shared consciousness. A side effect of the tree growing out of his head is that Harold is now very much afraid of fire. Despite his ghastly appearance and often cranky demeanour, Harold is very friendly and good natured and will always try to help out those in need. Lately Bob hasn't been feeling too well, and Harold is starting to feel the effects of it too.

Parry 5 - Toughness 6 - Rad Immune - Pace 5 - Run die d6

Strength d6 - Agility d6 - Vigor d6 - Smarts d6 - Spirit d10 - Charisma -4

Fighting d6 - Small Guns d6 - Taunt d8 - Notice d6 - Survival d8 - Repair d12 - Science d8 - Persuasion d6 - Streetwise d10 - Barter d10

H: Decrepit - One Arm - One Eye - Phobia (m)
E: Mr. Fix It - Tech Wizard - Vats Skin - Vault Dweller - Wastelander

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