Friday, February 11, 2011

Meet the wasteland 3: Marcus

Today's feature, everyone's favourite Super Mutant: Marcus!

Marcus (veteran Wild Card)

The tall, brawny Mutant you see before you seems very different from most Super Mutants you've encountered during your travels; somehow he looks friendlier, more human, perhaps, in his demeanor. You notice his face is not contorted by the sort of leather straps that make others of his kind perpetually bare their teeth in a menacing grin. As you approach he gives you a stern look-over with his two small, deep-set yet intelligent eyes, and frowns, which seems to be his favoured facial expression, judging from the deep furrows in his forehead. All the while as you drew near he has held a huge machine gun in his equally huge hands, but firmly pointed toward the ground. When you stand almost face to face, he takes his right hand of the weapon's trigger and raises it in greeting. In a deep, booming voice he says: "Well met, stranger. I'll take the liberty of calling you friend as you haven't tried to shoot me up to this point; my name's Marcus, one-time sheriff of Broken Hills, now a traveller of the wastes like yourself." He briefly looks down at his gun and gives it a pat with his hand. "I hope you didn't have any unpleasant business in mind, as I wouldn't like you doing something you'll end up regretting."

Marcus was the Super Mutant sheriff of the mining town of Broken Hills, where Super Mutants, Ghouls and humans lived together in relative harmony. In 2241 he joined the tribal known as the Chosen One on his journeys, assisted in the destruction of the Enclave oil rig and would later head east, to find other refugees of the Master's army. He's down to earth, quite intelligent and for Super Mutant standards very restrained, though that doesn't mean he'll let himself be messed around with. Marcus prefers to resolve matters peaceably if possible, but is not afraid to get his hands dirty if the situation calls for it. He specializes in heavy weaponry though is not the most accurate of shooters, so lookers-on better stay clear when he readies his machine gun.

Parry 7 - Toughness 10 - Rad Immune - Pace 6 - Run die d6

Strength d12+1 - Agility d8 - Vigor d10 - Smarts d6 - Spirit d6 - Charisma -4

Fighting d10 - Small Guns d6 - Heavy Weapons d12 - Explosives d6 - Taunt d6 - Intimidation d10 - Notice d6 - Survival d10 - Persuasion d6 - Streetwise d6

H: Fast Shot (m) - Stubborn
E: Bracing - Hard to Kill - Strong Willed - Vats Skin

Minigun, Makeshift Leather-Metal Armor +1, Pilot Goggles

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