Saturday, January 29, 2011

Meet the wasteland 1: Boulder Jack

The first installment in a hopefully long running series where we take a look at some of the more memorable NPCs that populate post-apocalyptic California. Potential foe or ally, that's up to the players. Also I'd like to stat some of the characters that made an appearance in Fallout 2 which my players might run into at some point. I'll kick off with an outlaw by the name of Boulder Jack.

As you walk into the room, you notice the man sitting at the corner table, tall and lean from the looks of it, not the youngest anymore, with a short, closely cropped beard, ear-length dark matted hair and steel grey eyes that give you a penetrating glance as he looks up from his drink, grins, and gets up. All dressed in black, you catch a glimpse of the silver .44 Magnum on his hip as his duster falls open. He doffs his rawhide cowboy hat and affects a little mock bow. "Business or pleasure?" he asks, still the same grin on his face as he sits down again, "or did I kill anyone you know and now you're here to reckon with me?" In one casual motion he takes his gun from its holster and puts it down on the table in front of him, within easy reach, all the while looking straight at you, defiantly. "Sixteen men have tried to best me and as many men are dead." he smirks, as you notice the notches on the gun.

Jack is an outlaw from Boulder, Colorado who recently cut a swath through Nevada and made an enemy of the desert rangers after gunning two of them down. Moving out west to lay low in the border region with California, he's trying to shake off the ranger who's hunting him down.

Boulder Jack (veteran Wild Card)

Parry 6/7 - Toughness 6 - Rad Resistance 0 - Pace 6 - Run die d6

Strength d8 - Agility d12 - Vigor d8 - Smarts d6 - Spirit d6 - Charisma 0
Fighting d8 - Small Guns d12 - Explosives d6 - Intimidation d10 - Taunt d10 - Notice d8 - Stealth d6 - Lockpick d6 - Climbing d6 - Survival d6 - Repair d4 - Medicine d4 - Persuasion d6 - Streetwise d6 - Barter d6

H: Arrogant - Vengeful - Wanted
E: Quick, Quick Draw, Marksman, Quick Reload, Gunslinger

.44 Magnum, Black Canvas Duster: +1 vs hand weapons, Black Rawhide Cowboy Hat

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