Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Setting rules

Some optional rules for use with your savage Fallout game, to recreate the atmosphere of the crpgs that little bit more:

- Big Spender: Characters start with $750-$1000 starting money.

-> Some extra starting money will allow players earlier access to guns or a variety of support items.

- Fearless: Characters make a Spirit check instead of using the Guts skill when prompted to do so by a Fear effect.

-> Fear is not a big part of the Fallout games, so a Spirit check instead of Guts makes for much "braver" heroes.

- Overburdened: Characters who carry equipment over their Encumbrance limit gain a penalty to Pace. This penalty is of the same magnitude as the Emcumbrance penalty.

-> An oddity about SW in my opinion has always been that Encumbrance doesn't affect your walking speed, seems very unlogical. With this rule for every level of Encumbrance, your Pace drops 1 level.

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