Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Ghouls and some Super Mutants

Inspired by my friend Gavin's excellent tables of random background characteristics for some of the non-human races in his LL campaign, I made something similar for the non-human races in the Fallout universe, for those who like some randomness in their character creation or something to get the inspiration going, with the roll of a d20.

Some Ghouls:

1)       Hate humans with a passion, secretly resenting them for being reminders of their old, normal looking selves.
2)       Take on new names after becoming a Ghoul, often of mythological persons/beings connected to ‘death’ and the ‘afterlife’ as a way of embracing their new existence.
3)       Still retain some measure of facial hair.
4)       Have a normal sounding voice instead of the deep, gravely voice of most Ghouls.
5)       Can sense radiation, feeling it as a warm, comforting glow.
6)       Are known to live more than two centuries with their minds intact.
7)       Have heightened senses, making them more perceptive than regular humans.
8)       Can remember nothing of their previous lives as humans.
9)       Want nothing to do with or even hate Glowing Ones and feral Ghouls.
10)   Are predominantly to exclusively attracted to humans.
11)   Are gravely offended by slurs as shuffler, zombie or Ghoul, wishing to be called necrotic post-humans instead.
12)   Were transformed from humans into Ghouls nearly instantly by an extremely large dosis of radiation, while for most the ghoulification process took many months or years.
13)   Have a fairly intact, cracked skin, unlike the raw, discoloured rotting appearance of most Ghouls, sometimes even having a complete nose.
14)   Are abhorred by their condition, clinging to what remains of their humanity as much as possible, in extreme cases even denying their ghoulishness.
15)   Are as much affected by regular alcohol as humans.
16)   Can only walk in a shambling gait.
17)   Have absorbed so much radiation that their scars emit puffs of greenish smoke, and their flesh seems to melt and bubble in some places.
18)   Only associate with other Ghouls.
19)   Believe they are the next stage in human evolution.
20)   Are heavily emaciated and hunched over.

Some Super Mutants:

1)       Have a pale blue skin instead of the shades of green of other Super Mutants through the extended use of stealth devices.
2)       Excessively stress their gender through clothing or accessories.
3)       Remember snippets of their former lives.
4)       Use leather straps to hold their upper lip in place and constantly bare their teeth.
5)       Have a fondness for human flesh.
6)       Are generous to the point of their own detriment.
7)       Have fitful dreams or vague recollections of a cold, dark, metal place.
8)       Are convinced that Super Mutants are in every way vastly superior to humans.
9)       Adhere to strict philosophies of their own devising.
10)   Use monikers bestowed by others as their proper name.
11)   Would do anything to avoid capture or enslavement.
12)   Are deeply distrustful of humans.
13)   Hate being seen or stared at.
14)   Don’t get along with Super Mutants of a different generation.
15)   Are prone to senility when reaching old age.
16)   Strongly hold to the vision of a harmonious, united wasteland.
17)   Have a sexual interest in humans.
18)   Can drink copious amounts of alcohol with little to no effect.
19)   Have large warts on their face and body.
20)   Establish family ties with other Super Mutants.

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