Monday, October 10, 2011

Living dungeons

Something I wanted to try (and still hoping to get to some time soon!) in my Fallout campaign was work out a "living dungeon" for the players to explore and influence. Now two of my all time favourite PA SF films are Escape from NY and Escape from LA, so I was intrigued by the idea of making the dungeon and actual city. My eye eventually turned to San Diego, as I think it would make a great setting for a similar adventure. Now my question: does anyone have any experience with running living dungeons in a Fallout setting/other SW?
Also I've started writing down the stuff I'd worked out, for those interested. More updates to follow in the coming weeks, but I'll leave you with the map I made, depicting all the gangs of SD and their respective turfs.

A) The Ship Rats
B) The Lawmen
C) The Gassers
D) The Pit Lords
E) The Angels of Mercy
F) The Jetheads
G) The Puñetazo
H) The Chain Gang
I) The Friars
J) The Convent


  1. Any ideas how you'd run a city as a dungeon? It's an interesting idea, but wouldn't it require absolutely enormous amounts of mapping to get to the level of detail that's assumed in dungeon crawling?

  2. @Gavin: yeah, it would of course require a certain degree of abstraction. Using the room as basic building block of the dungeon would make it an impossible exercise, so my idea would be to use city blocks as the smallest unit (easy enough for cities built according to a grid plan). Most of these wouldn't even have to be mapped in detail or at all, being abandoned ruins with no points of interest.

  3. Hm, yeah interesting idea. I can see that working... And I guess if more detailed building layouts or whatever became important you could either just improv it, or have some kind of standard maps prepared or something.