Sunday, October 23, 2011

The gangs of SD: The Gassers

The scourge of SD, a collection of lunatics and chem addicts: the Gassers.

C) The Gassers
-          The gang: Terrorizing the downtown area south of the Puñetazo’s turf, the Gassers are a loosely held together group of deranged killers and psychopaths. If they have a real name it is unknown: Gassers is the collective name the other gangs gave the many disparate groups of raiders that together make up the gang. Their strength is hard to gauge and always rising or falling, as they have without a doubt the highest mortality rate of any of the major gangs. Most of their members are lightly armed, but they make up for this by always attacking in large numbers wherever they go. Their more seasoned warriors have a penchant for heavy weaponry. Their actions look completely erratic and their attacks are unorganized, which ultimately makes them only a threat -though a serious one- to their immediate neighbours. If the Gassers have a leader, he or she has never been seen. The gang is fiercely territorial to boot, defending their turf to the death, though sometimes for seemingly no reason abandoning certain blocks and grabbing others from the surrounding gangs.
The Gassers have no gang markings, but many of them wear empty smoke grenades or gas canisters draped as bandoliers. The most feared Gassers can be found wearing pre-War gas masks as a status symbol.
 It is a public secret that the Jetheads provide the Gassers with cheap Psycho so that their chem-induced raids keep the other downtown gangs occupied; little known however is that the Jetheads lace this Psycho with additional, inferior hallucinogens, causing severe anxiety attacks and bout of aggression in the user, as well as short to medium term mental health deterioration.
-          Turf: The Gassers’ core terrain is located near the heart of SD downtown, often stretching out east and west for a while when the gang has been active. They often come in contact with the Puñetazo, harrying them but unable to gain terrain on them. The Gasser quarter is one of the least populated parts of town; while other gangs allow “independent” bars, brothels and gambling holes on their turf in exchange for protection money, the Gassers raid anything and anyone that’s not one of their own. The only inhabited spots in the ruins of their territory are Gasser hideouts.
-          Influence: The Gassers are rightly feared by the neighbouring gangs, but their inability to form organize raids makes them less of a threat for the other major gangs farther north. Thus they are mostly shunned and the other gangs have very little dealings with them. The Gassers have never accepted Barbatus’ dominance, but there is little interest with the Chain Gang for subduing the quarrelsome gang. The Puñetazo are mortal enemies of the Gassers.

St d6, Ag d8, Vi d6, Sm d4, Sp d8
Fighting d6, Small Guns d6, Explosives d6, Intimidate d8, Taunt d4, Notice d8
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 5/6(1), Parry 5, Uses Psycho
            -Wasteland Outfit, Combat Leather Jacket (+1 vs Fighting, 0 vs Bullets)
            -Shiv St+d4
            -Lead Pipe St+d4+1
-Combat Knife St+d4+1
-Sledgehammer: St+d8, Parry -1
-10mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1
-Molotov Cocktail 10/20/40 2d6 Med Burst Templ, Can start fires
-Smoke Grenade 12/24/48 Large Burst Templ, Obscure power

            Gasser Raidmaster
            St d6, Ag d8, Vi d6, Sm d6, Sp d8
Fighting d8, Small Guns d8, Heavy Weapons d8, Explosives d8, Intimidate d10, Taunt d6, Notice d8
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 7/8(+2/+3 vs Energy Weapons), Parry 6, Uses Psycho
            -Metal Armor (+2/+3 vs Energy Weapons)
            -Gas Mask
            -Ripper St+d8
            -Sledgehammer: St+d8, Parry -1
            -Sawed-off Double Barrel 4/8/16 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload
            -Flamer Cone 2d10 RoF1, 3 actions to reload
-Molotov Cocktail 10/20/40 2d6 Med Burst Templ, Can start fires
-Smoke Grenade 12/24/48 Large Burst Templ, Obscure power

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