Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The gangs of SD: The Ship Rats

As discussed last week I've written down most of the background info I came up with for my Fallout living dungeon/city experiment. I'll post the stuff and stats for the characters in small installments over the coming week, most of it can be reworked to a different context for those so inclined! I'll kick off with the first gang: the Ship Rats.
On an unrelated note, I've bundled the posts about exotic dungeon loot in one PDF which you can get here.

In 2249, ruined San Diego, south of the civilized lands of the New California Republic, is a hellhole, run by dozens of brutal gangs constantly vying for dominance over the city's ragged remains. Recently however in an ambitious move, Barbatus, the leader of the Chain Gang, SD's most powerful gang, united the other six major gangs, cutting down all opposition against him in one fell swoop. His proposition: for the gangs to stop fighting among themselves over scraps, when together they could mount an assault on a much more worthwhile target: the cities of Dayglow and Boneyard. Now NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel are at each other's throats, the south is ripe for the taking...

A) The Ship Rats
-          The gang: Least of the seven major gangs, the Ship Rats number less than a hundred men and women. The gang calls itself the Crew, but everyone else in SD calls them the Ship Rats, after the derelict aircraft carrier in which the gang made their hideout.
 The Ship Rats have no weapons arsenal to speak of, so most of its members can be seen using knives, lead pipes and other melee weapons, while a few have pistols, shotguns and rifles. A group of lowlifes, scavs and addicts, few of them are skilled fighters. The vast majority of its members suffer from chem addiction and alcohol abuse, more oft than not to be found on board shooting up and partying through the night.
 Unable to pose any real threat to the more organized gangs, the Ship Rats content themselves with raiding the smaller street gangs and rabble living in the area surrounding the dockside, when they run low on supplies and sober up.
 The Ship Rats are led in name by the Captain, but the disorganized, ragtag group receives and demands little in the way of actual leadership. The Captain ends up being whichever gang members feels like taking up the title, and the position frequently switches around. The current Captain is a little respected sallow man called Hassan, often derisively referred to as the Skipper, who likes to parade around in a pre-War naval uniform.
-          Turf: The Ship Rats control the partially submerged aircraft carrier USS Midway and the surrounding dockside. The ship is a filthy, rusted death trap from long before the War. While its guns haven’t worked in ages, it boasts a few equally antique aircraft, though the Ship Rats lack the know-how to get these potential assets in working condition.
-          Influence: the Ship Rats are disdained by all the major gangs, considering them only just above the common street gangs and other rabble in SD. The only reason why the gang has not been wiped out yet, seems to be that the risk of a frontal assault on their ship would be a more costly affair than the potential reward merits. Few in number and lightly armed, they are at the bottom of the SD food chain. Since Barbatus came to power, the Ship Rats pay homage to the Chain Gang.

Ship Rat
St d6, Ag d6, Vi d6, Sm d6, Sp d6
Fighting d6, Small Guns d6, Taunt d4, Intimidate d4, Notice d6, Stealth d4
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 6/7(1), Parry 5, Uses Jet, Psycho
-Combat Leather Jacket (+1 vs Fighting, 0 vs Bullets), Leather Armor (+1)
-Throwing Knives 3/6/12 St+d4 RoF 1
-Brass/Spiked Knuckles St+d4
-Crowbar St+d4+1
-Shiv St+d4
-10mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1
-Hunting Rifle 24/48/96 2d8 RoF1
-Double Barrel 12/24/48 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload

Hassan (Wild Card)
St d6, Ag d4, Vi d6, Sm d8, Sp d8
Fighting d4, Small Guns d4, Notice d8, Persuasion d6, Barter d8
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 5, Parry 4
-Naval Uniform
-US Naval Officer Saber: St+d6
-Flare Gun 10/20/40 2d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload, Can start fires, Frightens animals

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