Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Edges galore


After some feedback from the lovely folks at the PEGInc forum, I changed around some of the Edges again: current status:

- Swift Learner: toned down quite a bit: now requires a benny to make a Smarts check at -2 and is a background Edge

- Swift Learner* (Sm d6): May spend a benny after the end of a session to make a Smarts check at -2. If successful, gain 1 point of experience. Once per session

- Educated: renamed Gifted: +4 starting skill points but only for Smarts skills; can afterwards learn a new untrained Smarts skill at half cost, so can upgrade an existing skill + learn the new one, or learn two new Smarts skills.

- Gifted* (Sm d8): +4 skill points to spend on Smarts based skills; may learn an untrained Smarts based skill on gaining a new level at half cost

- Gunslinger: very much altered. Now requires Marksman a prerequisite and only gives a bonus when shooting with a single one-handed gun (so basically pistols and sub-machine guns), to give it a bit more "wild west" feel and make it more attractive for players to use a one-handed gun instead of two guns or a rifle/shotgun/etc.

- Gunslinger (Ag d10, Small Guns d10, Marksman): +2 to Called Shots with a single one-handed gun

- Finesse: is now Heroic rank

Will probably change the Mysterious Stranger Edge soon as well, but needs some more thought on the chances of him appearing.


- Commando
- Concentrated Fire

Some new Edges I forgot to post:

- Hit the Deck: +2 to Agility checks to dodge explosions or enemy fire
- Jury Rig (Sm d6, Repair d8): No penalty for making repairs without having spare parts
- Quick Reload (Ag d10, Small Guns or Heavy Weapons d10): May make an Agility check to reload a weapon that normally takes 1 action to reload as a free action
- Run ‘n Gun (Ag d10, Small Guns or Heavy Weapons d10): No penalty for moving in the same round as firing a Snapfire weapon


Made modifications to following Edges:

- Robotics Expert
- Cult of Personality
- Snake Eater

Added new Edges:

- Swift Learner (Sm d6): +1 point of experience per session
- Intense Training: May raise an Attribute again if already raised in the same rank. Once per rank
- Educated* (Sm d6): +3 starting skill points; may learn 2 untrained skills on gaining a new level
- Smooth Talker (Persuasion d6): +2 to Persuasion

- Computer Whiz (Science d8): +2 to Science checks pertaining to hacking or using computers
- Concentrated Fire (Ag d8, Small Guns or Heavy Weapons d8): +2 damage when taking an Aim maneuver
- Explorer (Survival d8): Higher chance of finding special places and people in random encounters
- Pack Rat (Strong Back): Carry an additional 35 lbs

- Gunslinger (Ag d10, Small Guns d10): +2 to Called Shots with Small Guns
- Commando (Ag d10, Heavy Weapons d10): +2 to Called Shots with Heavy Weapons
- Finesse (Ag d10, Fighting, Small Guns or Heavy Weapons d10): A result of 2 above the target number for an attack is considered a critical hit

- Mysterious Stranger (Ch 2): Chance you will gain a temporary ally in random encounters


  1. Thanks!
    As for your work with Savaged Fallout in common. Much appreciated. I've been thinking about running SW in world of Fallout myself, especially after my second playthrough of New Vegas. :)


  2. I found your site just last week, when I got the craving to create/run a Fallout game based in the suburbs of Philladelpia (Filly). There's a State Hospital/Farm Park in my area that's going to be the hub of the campaign. All the work you're putting into this is greatly appreciated.

  3. Thanks for the comments all! Glad you find it useful. :) Please feel free to share your ideas/campaign story/conversion here, I'm very interested in other people's take on it, and might be useful for other GMs as well of course!