Sunday, December 19, 2010

Handbook and Survival Guide update

I've put an updated version of both files online, with some tweaking after playtesting, errors removed and changes made after feedback from the delightful folks over at the Pinnacle forum. Happy holidays to all!


  1. Would it be possible for you to summarise the differences between the latest version and the previous version.

    Thanks, Tom

  2. Hi Tom,

    nothing earth-shattering. Off the top of my head:
    -Super Mutant PCs now get Brawny edge instead of additional skill points
    -boosted Bracing edge to make it more useful
    -changed the heroic edges to up the wild die type instead of giving a flat bonus
    -removed Silent Death edge
    -Rad-X now gives +2 die types Rad Resistance
    -Getting a raise on the radiation table now gives Anemic hindrance

    How's your game coming along?

  3. Thanks Raskolnik,

    My game is on hiatus until the New Year and I'm using the time to overhaul my setting rules by selectively "borrowing" from yours. The big differences being:

    1) Keeping much closer to the standard SW:Ex skill and edge list.
    2) Favouring +X modifiers instead of +X die types.
    3) I have a bunch of vehicle related stuff as my game originally came from the Atomic Highway background rather than Fallout.

    I'm also investing a lot of time in building a formal equipment and price list. In our previous sessions I was finding hand-waving and trying to model a pure barter economy awkward.

    Since I'm borrowing from your stuff I'll let you have a copy when I'm "done", I don't think I'm going to have a more general release though.

    Have you found a really good/clear Fallout map?


  4. Cool, I'm interested to see your take on it, that equipment list sounds handy. I just put the whole thing online, perhaps I'm not concerned enough about the legal ramifications as I should be. Though I guess (hope) if you just slap on enough disclaimers and it's non-profit, they'll generally leave you alone.

    Vehicles in my campaign are few and far between, only army/Enclave/BoS has any. I can see how you're including them if you started with Atomic Highway, but I rather leave them out as it sets Fallout a bit apart from Mad Max-like PA settings. Plus I won't have the worry about chase rules and vehicular combat. :D

    As to maps: no, not really. I ended up just drawing one myself. I guess your game is taking place in the Core region? I used this one for NorCal and for SoCal.

  5. I'm no lawyer, but provided you're making no money from it, my impression is the worst that they will do is issue a cease and desist order. At which point you take it down and that's the end of it.


  6. Do you strip any edges/hindrances from the core book for your campaign? Like remove all the arcane backgrounds or do you still use them?

  7. Yes, all Edges concerning magic/AB are gone. There might be some psionics in the end game but only for the enemies, not the players.
    The Hindrances/Edges that are gone:
    -Doubting Thomas

    -Arcane Background
    -Arcane Resistance/ Imp. Arcane Resistance
    -Holy/Unholy Warrior
    -New Power
    -Power Points
    -Power Surge
    -Rapid Recharge/Imp. Rapid Recharge
    -Soul Drain

    Noble = Family Ties
    No Mercy = Bloody Mess
    Woodsman = Outdoorsman

  8. can i trnaslate your setting pdf to korean ?
    and share it with my friends? only uncommercial.

    my english is too bad to write right English word TT