Friday, December 3, 2010

More savaging...

A little side project I've been working on is a SW version of the classic hack & slash game Diablo II. I've taken the skill trees of all the classes and converted them to edges and powers. It's available in the download list for your perusal. Some of them are admittedly a bit wonky as they don't have a real equivalent in SW and as every class in DII has a mana pool and some sort of spells. I didn't want to force an AB as a prerequisite for every class however. I'm least happy about the Assassin Traps tree. Weird Science seems like the closest approximation for it, but that AB works differently in SW. Thoughts and suggestions are valued! Along the line I'll convert the bestiary and items list as well, and provide a little setting background on the world of Sanctuary and the Sin War. Basically I'd like to recreate that fast paced, high body count style that made DII so FFF! In general enemies would be a bit weaker than standard SW fare, and WCs stronger (5 Wound levels with the first 2 being fleshwounds that don't cause any penalties). Players would probably start out at Seasoned as well.

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