Sunday, August 12, 2012

Area 5

So after an epic 10 hour second session, we finally finished playing through Area 5. Most of the players were new to Savage Worlds and Fallout, but everything clicked and it was a lot of fun, and in the end of the brave scavengers emerged from the base with quite a bit of high tech loot.

Some thoughts on the sessions:
-I'm certainly no "killer DM" but 4 characters ended up dead (3 of which from one and the same player), which was actually a first for me. Bad damage rolls and killer mechs make for a bad combination. I had made a group of 13 available characters from which the group could choose. The ones they didn't choose at the start tagged along for the trip, and stayed at the entrance to the base while the others went in to explore. This allowed for quick replacements when one of them bit the dust!
-I always underestimate how long it will take to get through an adventure, so if someone wants to run it I'd advise splitting it up in 2 or 3 sessions at least.


  1. Hey dude this is some amazing stuff you have up here. I have been reading this stuff for a while but haven't commented

    I will be running a campaign based on the east coast of the US in the Liberty Wastes (New York) where we are from.

    A few quick questions. How did you make the map of SD with the hexes? Do you have a template you are working off of?

    Do you have a template you would care to share for the mission briefing? let me know I would love to trade some ideas and whatnot.


  2. Hi Adam,

    thanks! I'd love to hear your ideas for your campaign.

    Re: your questions. If you mean the map of New California, it's made with Hexographer. It's free to use on the internet. The map of SD is not actually a hexmap, just a satellite image.

    Not sure which mission briefing you are referring to?

  3. Hexographer cool I'll have to check that out.

    I was referring to how you make the Overseers Handbook first page?
    Are you just cut and pasting images or do you have a template you use?

    Also what font were you using on the character sheet?
    I am looking to add a reputation bar, a variation of energy weapons and maybe a few more things.


    1. The front page is modelled after the front page of the Fallout 1 user manual.

      The font is Univers Ultra Condensed Thin.

      Hope that helps!