Thursday, June 21, 2012


One of the things I like about the role playing hobby is that it requires very little financial investment: in its simplest form one core rulebook and a set of dice suffice to get a whole group of people playing. For everything else you can use your imagination. Luckily for the role playing industry many people seem to disagree with me, so they get to sell a torrent of additional books, guides, miniatures and other paraphernalia. Usually I'm able to resist the siren's call, but when I saw this deck of cards online I just needed to buy it. The faded, two centuries old look is a perfect fit for a Savage Worlds Fallout game!


  1. Are these repro's or just an old deck of cards?

  2. Repro's Trav, the Bicycle 1800 line.

  3. Nice one Ras! Glad to see your back.

  4. Like this- I was actually going to use the Hell on Earth conversion that they made to bring the old system up to Savage Worlds, and then just swap out magic with radioactivity, maybe mutations, remove flight and a few other touches.

    I actually looked up a lot of fan stuff for fallout and the 'Confederacy of States' would work pretty well in the alternate history they present in both series.

    So in short, Thank you for giving me a good start for my first 'homebrew' as well! I don't know how it will work out, but it looks fun!

    (oh and I'm if you want to email me. The form didn't ask that)

  5. Wow...
    Where did you get these?
    I VERY much want to get of these myself!