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The gangs of SD: The Puñetazo

From the savage lands to the south comes a gang matched by very few in SD.

G) The Puñetazo

-          The gang: The Puñetazo are without a doubt the most brutal of all the SD gangs. The gang first moved into town two years ago, coming from the lawless wasteland far to the south, where a man’s life is cheap and a gun is worth several times more. Some think the gang moved north looking for easier victims, others speculate that the Puñetazo themselves were on the run from bigger, tougher gangs. It’s unlikely the truth of the matter will ever be known, as the gang is extremely xenophobic and has almost no dealings with the other gangs, except for the killing variety. The majority of members of the Puñetazo don’t even speak the local language, but communicate in a southern speech called español, unknown to most of the SD natives. The gang is entirely self-reliant, and it is assumed that whatever supplies they can’t manufacture themselves, they trade with other raiders from the south, as well as get fresh recruits there.
 The two hundred-odd Puñetazo members are all skilled fighters, excelling in unarmed brawling as well as the use of various melee weapons. The gang considers fighting from a distance cowardly, and nothing is to be revelled more in than feeling one’s opponent’s jaw breaking underneath one’s fist, or feel the blade of one’s knife sink deep into his abdomen. The gang knows well enough the strategic value of firearms of course, and their seasoned members who have mercilessly proven their worth in battle are supplied with very fine weapony. Even those often prefer guns to get up close and personal with, such as shotguns or assault rifles. Their brutal, martial culture resonates in all aspects of life. If a conflict arises between gang members, it is usually settled through a fight mano-a-mano, often to the death if the insult or loss is perceived serious enough. Strict obedience is demanded in everything, and their members are considered the most disciplined raiding force of all SD.
 The grunts (cuchillos) and seasoned warriors (fusiles) make up the fighting force of the gang, called the mano armada. Only men are allowed in: women are treated as little more than merchandise, only slightly more respected than slaves. Mutants are, as a rule, shot on sight.
 The gang is led by its five most veteran warriors, a group called the puño. Designed to keep one single man from becoming too powerful and assuring the gang has leadership to fall back on at all times, the puño controls everything that happens in the gang’s turf and has final say in all matters. A new member of the puño, called a dedo, is chosen when four of the five dedos unanimously decide that the fifth dedo is no longer fit to run the gang. This could be because of health related issues such as old age (infrequent) or because he is no longer trusted or too often disagrees with the rest of the puño (more frequently). The dedo who will be ousted has the right to defend his position, by challenging his appointed successor to a fight to the death. If the incumbent dedo wins, his position cannot be challenged again for a year. As those dedos who try and remain in power usually come to a bad end soon after, many wisely forgo this right and slink away into obscurity, often preferring to quit the gang territory entirely to be safe. The gang’s mark is a blood red fist on a black background, a sign that smart raiders have come to avoid.

-          Turf: The Puñetazo control most of downtown SD, the former turf of the Lawmen and historically one of the more tumultuous parts of town. Though, or perhaps because, the gang’s brutality is famed and feared throughout SD, their turf is now one of the safest, most prosperous and populous areas in SD. Many ‘independent’ bars, gambling holes and brothels are located there, permitted and guarded by the gang as long as they obey the gang laws and regularly pay their protection money. As such most of the common rabble has moved into their turf. Even outsiders and members of nearby street gangs are allowed into their turf unmolested, as long as they have the permission of the puño; of course these interlopers are constantly kept under watch.

-          Influence: One of the largest, well equipped, trained and disciplined gangs of the city, the Puñetazo are a force to be reckoned with. Barbatus knew he had to get the gang on board or his united SD raider force would be an empty vessel. When the puño refused his advances during the Convent massacre, Barbatus had them killed. While four of them died, one of the foremost dedos, Sebastián “Meñique” - despite his nickname a cold, lumbering hulk of a man - managed to escape the onslaught. While all dedos are officially equal, it’s a common sentiment in the gang that the current puño is a particularly weak one, and that Meñique is now de facto in charge; the four new dedos, though capable warriors, little more than glorified yes men. With the old puño severed, Meñique (grudgingly) accepted the Chain Gang’s position as ‘leader of the coalition of equals’, though many assume it won’t be long before the Puñetazo will strike again. The Puñetazo pay homage to the Chain Gang. They are mortal enemies of the Lawmen and the Gassers.


St d8, Ag d8, Vi d8, Sm d6, Sp d10

Fighting d10, Small Guns d6, Intimidate d8, Taunt d6, Notice d10

Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 6/7(1), Parry 7

-Combat Leather Jacket (+1 vs Fighting, 0 vs Bullets), Leather Armor (+1)

-Brass/Spiked Knuckles St+d4

-Crowbar St+d4+1

-Combat Knife St+d4+1

-Sledgehammer St+d8, Parry -1

-10mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1


St d10, Ag d8, Vi d10, Sm d6, Sp d12

Fighting d12, Small Guns d8, Intimidate d12, Taunt d8, Notice d12

Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 8(1), Parry 8

-Leather Armor (+1)

-Brass/Spiked Knuckles St+d4

-Combat Knife St+d4+1

-Sledgehammer St+d8, Parry -1

-10mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1

-Double Barrel 12/24/48 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload

-MP9 10mm SMG 12/24/48 2d6 RoF3

-Assault Rifle 24/48/96 2d8 RoF3

The Puño

Carlos “El Geco”

            St d6, Ag d12, Vi d8, Sm d8, Sp d10

Fighting d12, Small Guns d6, Intimidate d6, Taunt d10, Notice d12, Stealth d8

Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 6/7(1), Parry 8

Ambidextrous, Two-Fisted, Imp. Frenzy

            -Combat Leather Jacket (+1 vs Fighting, 0 vs Bullets)

-2 x Spiked Knuckles St+d4

-Throwing Knives 3/6/12 St+d4 RoF 1

            -.44 Magnum 12/24/48 2d6+1 RoF1, 1 action to reload


            St d10, Ag d10, Vi d10, Sm d6, Sp d12

Fighting d12, Small Guns d6, Intimidate d12, Taunt d8, Notice d10

Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 9(1), Parry 8

Brawny, Imp. Sweep

-Leather Armor (+1)

-Super Sledge St+d8+2, Parry -1, AP2

-.223 Pistol 15/30/60 2d6+1 RoF1

Santiago “El Viejo”

            St d6, Ag d6, Vi d6, Sm d8, Sp d10

Fighting d8, Small Guns d10, Intimidate d4, Taunt d10, Notice d8

Pace 5, Run d6, Toughness 5/6(1), Parry 6

Elderly, Marksman

-Combat Leather Jacket (+1 vs Fighting, 0 vs Bullets)

-Shiv St+d4

-Sawed-off Double Barrel 4/8/16 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload


St d8, Ag d8, Vi d8, Sm d6, Sp d8

Fighting d10, Small Guns d6, Heavy Weapons d10, Explosives d8, Intimidate d12, Taunt d6, Notice d12

Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 7(1), Parry 7

Rock and Roll!

-Leather Armor (+1)

-Combat Knife St+d4+1

-Minigun 24/48/96 2d8+2 RoF3, AP2, Snapfire, 2 actions to reload

-Frag Grenade 12/24/48 3d6

Sebastián “Meñique” (Wild Card)

St d10, Ag d8, Vi d10, Sm d8, Sp d12

Fighting d10, Small Guns d8, Intimidate d12, Taunt d10, Notice d12, Persuasion d8,
Barter d8

Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 9(1), Parry 7

Brawny, Two-Fisted

-Leather Armor (+1)

-Machete St+d4+1

-H&K P90C 12/24/48 2d6+1 RoF3

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