Saturday, May 21, 2011

Location: Redwood Towers

I've made a write-up of the latest dungeon I made for my Fallout campaign, those interested can find the PDF with maps in the download section now! Redwood Towers is an adventure for three to four players of Seasoned rank.

Strange stories about the untamed north can be heard in the bars of New Arroyo and Klamath, where the tribals who live in the mountains and the evergreen forests come to trade. One such story caught your attention: a brave of a small tribe called the Chetcan, Brahmin herders and pelt hunters, had made mention of spotting a group of heavily-packed, green-skinned “demons” marching through the Red Wood, heading toward a set of ruins of the ancient world. After their passage, loud noises could be heard coming from the dilapidated building day and night…

The Red Wood is located about seventy miles west-northwest of Klamath, a hilly and densely forested area, with plenty of wildlife and a wet, moderate climate. It is home to a small group of a few dozen tribals who call themselves the Chetcan, who live in a series of caves in the side of a hill at the south-western extremity of a low mountain range. A marauding pack of wolves have recently made their lair not too far from the tribe’s caves. To the west the mountains become more prominent, and the foothills are the breeding ground of the local gecko population. Hidden higher up in the flank of the mountain is a cave sacred to the Chetcan, the Cave of the Ancestors. To the north and west the open plain is enclosed by very old, dark woods, extremely perilous to navigate for those who do not know the surroundings. Wedged between two of these forests lie the ruins of Redwood Towers, a forgotten research facility built during World War II. A set of railroad tracks, entirely overgrown with grasses and shrubs, lead up to the facility from the east.

The Chetcan are a small, peaceful tribe, friendly to travelers and outsiders, but reserved and often distrustful at first. They have their home in a set of adjacent caves of varying size, though they spend the majority of the day outside, rarely staying in the caves during daylight hours. The largest of these is a common area where most of the tribe spends the evening hours and social activities take place. Two smaller caves are the separate sleeping areas for men and women. A fourth cave is used as storage space and additionally has room for the activities of the craftsmen and women. Finally two small caves are the domain of the tribal Elder and the shaman respectively. Outside of the caves are a handful of rudimentary wooden structures and a makeshift enclosure for the modest Brahmin herd.

The tribe is led by the aging Elder Horavilya. He laments the ever-increasing influence of the outside world and modern technology on the Chetcan, claiming that it is leading the tribe astray. His words carry great weight with the tribals and many thus follow him in denouncing external influences. The Elder’s views are opposed by a strong, vocal minority, headed by his slightly younger sister, the tribe’s shaman and medicine woman Shalawa. In her opinion the only way for the tribe to endure is to embrace technology and contact with the outside world. The tribe is divided over which direction to take, though both sides strongly desire to have the tribe remain a harmonious whole. To make matters more complicated, since the dark omen of the green-skinned demons, misfortune has hit the tribe. It is even whispered that the sacred ancestral spirits, which the tribe turns to for guidance when in need, once more walk the earth, but if this is an omen for good or for bad, no one can say for sure.

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