Friday, May 13, 2011

Dungeon stocking III

While a great many of advanced technologies survived the devastation of the Great War to varying degrees, some uncommon designs sadly seem to have been lost to the ages. Some of these technologies had already become obsolete and forgotten when the War broke out, while others were considered cutting-edge or even still in an experimental phase at the time. Not more than a handful of units exist to this day, in many cases they are now unique items, the most valuable of finds for those scavenging the remains of ancient civilization.

T-45d Power Armor: The T-45d was the first model of Power Armor to be deployed for combat duty. It gave the US military an edge over their Chinese enemies, but by the end of the war the T-45d had almost entirely been replaced by the superior T-51b. While working Power Armor is already a very exceptional find in the wasteland, the old T-45d suits are even rarer. Due to its inferiority compared to its successor, the T-45d is only used when more advanced models aren’t obtainable. It lacks the mobility of later models due to its less advanced servo design, limiting the wearer’s maneuverability. Additionally a specialized body suit has to be worn to link the wearer’s movements to the Power Armor’s servo system and to counter the suit’s heat dissipation problems. Further limitations to the T-45d model is that it uses riveted steel plates instead of lightweight plastic composite materials, has various electronic and mechanical subsystems located on the outside of the armored shell instead of within, and most notably that it requires a steady supply of energy cells to function, lacking the T-51b’s built-in Micro Fusion Pack.

Armor: +5/+6 vs energy weapons - Weight: 0 lbs when worn/70 lbs when carried - Notes: Covers entire body, -1 die type Agility, +1 die type Rad Resistance, Runs on Small Energy Cells, 1 charge per 4 hours of continuous use

XL70E3: The XL70E3 was an experimental, conventional design assault rifle, manufactured from extremely durable polymers. It is nearly indestructible, lightweight and very accurate, while using the common 5mm round.

Range: 30/60/90 - Damage: 2d8+1 - RoF: 3 - Weight 7 lbs - Shots: 18 - Min. Str: d6 - Notes: Selective Fire, Uses 5mm clips

Tesla Cannon: The Tesla Cannon is a shoulder-mounted energy weapon, most likely produced by the US military after the death of its eponymous inventor, Nikola Tesla, whose research included the Teleforce particle beam weapon. The cannon uses modified tesla coils to fire powerful blasts of electricity, causing high voltage currents to course through the target’s body even after the initial impact. The design never proved commercially viable and was in the end replaced by laser, plasma and pulse-based weapons.

Range: 12/24/48 - Damage: 2d10 - RoF: 1 - Weight 30 lbs - Shots: MFC - Min. Str: d8 - Notes: AP4, Snapfire, Additional 1d6 damage to target for 3 subsequent rounds, Runs on Micro Fusion Packs

Shocker Glove: The FSGv118-b model prototype Shocker Glove is a specialty design of the BeatCo Power Fist. A built-in power source electrifies the pneumatic pistons which shoot forward when the wearer deals a punch, causing additional damage to the target with each blow.

Damage: St+d10+1 - Weight 6 lbs - Notes: Blunt

Pulse Gun: This experimental energy weapon, codenamed CIRCUITBREAKER, is unlike other so-called pulse weapons actually based on electromagnetic pulse technology, producing an effect akin to pulse grenades. Thus it is highly (and only) effective against robotic targets or other electronic systems. The small delay after firing the weapon and the moment when the pulse finishes building up and gets discharged, make it necessary for the shooter to continue aiming carefully after pulling the trigger.

Range: 6/12/24 - Damage: 2d8+2 - RoF: 1 - Weight 5 lbs - Shots: 10 - Min. Str: / - Notes: Snapfire, Only effective against constructs and Power Armor, Runs on Small Energy Cells

Microwave Emitter: An extremely rare, state-of-the-art energy weapon, the Microwave Emitter fires focused beams of microwaves which, while not highly damaging in themselves, can penetrate virtually any material or obstacle, making it very useful against heavily armored or concealed targets. The prototype Emitter is a bulky, difficult to target weapon, though it can be used in one hand. There is a noticeable delay between the moment of firing the weapon and the emission of the microwave beam, so the shooter has to adjust his or her aim accordingly.

Range: 6/12/24 - Damage: 2d6 - RoF: 1 - Weight 10 lbs - Shots: MFC - Min. Str: d6 - Notes: AP15, Snapfire, Runs on Micro Fusion Cells

Solar Scorcher: This unique laser pistol uses experimental photo-electric cells as its capacitor. This allows the Scorcher to recharge simply by exposing it to direct sunlight, requiring no conventional types of ammunition. The weapon will however not recharge in dark environements and becomes virtually useless once its limited battery capacity is exhausted.

Range: 15/30/60 - Damage: 2d6+1 - RoF: 1 - Weight 4 lbs - Shots: 4 - Min. Str: / - Notes: AP2, Runs on sunlight, can store 4 charges

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