Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The demise of the campaign & one sheet adventures

Some bad news unfortunately, as could be guessed from the silence that has been hanging over this blog for the past weeks *watches tumbleweeds drift by*. My Fallout campaign has ground to a halt, perhaps to be resumed some time in the future, but for now it looks like it will be limited to infrequent gaming afternoons. So I won't be posting much new stuff anymore, though I'm not giving up entirely. ;)
I'll be writing down some adventures I had in mind for my campaign in the form of one sheets, which you might find useful to fill a session or two in your own campaign when you're running low on inspiritation. I'll kick off with The Mines of Spindle Point, which you can download here. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Raskolnik, My name is Sage. First off I would like to say great work! I consider fallout my all time favorite game, and now I can enjoy it on and of the pc. I had recently purchased savage worlds in hopes of running a fallout universe game, and I soon found your site. I am sad to hear that your group is no longer playing consistently. I am running into the same problem here. (I live in Seattle)I was wondering, I have run across some people running games online using virtual tabletops, Have you tried this? Also, I am trying set up a skype rpg game as well. I Just need to find some dedicated people especially ones interested in savage worlds and or fallout. I would like to get a chance to correspond with you if you have the time, as I have lots of ideas for the game and beyond.

    Feel free to contact me at


    p.s. what do you think about a notice modifier that gives the pc +1 for purposes of evading notice if the pc has washed within 1 day (to hide scent). It sounds funny, but certain Native American tribes and Asian cultures in the past made a practice to hide their scent for purposes of stealth.

  2. Hey Raskolnik! I want to say I appreciate all your hard work. Setting time aside for gaming can be a challenge. So many ideas, so little time! Your one sheet adventures are a great idea. I feel inspired to do a gaming session this week.

    Thanks again,

  3. Thanks all!

    @Angela: It's a challenge indeed. The last few months I had more thinking about the campaign than actually playing it! I'll write some of it down now in one sheets and if the campaign picks up again, come back to it and hopefully expand on these ideas. Glad they inspired you to do some gaming! :)