Sunday, June 19, 2011

Location: The Shining Temple

- Major spoiler warning: players in my campaign please refrain from reading! -

Some info on my latest dungeon, which my players are still in the middle of exploring... I'll put up a PDF of the whole thing somewhere in the next weeks. :)

When Alexis Cranford, former CEO of General Atomics International, eccentric millionaire and impassioned conservationist, learned from his close personal friend, RobCo Industries CEO Robert Edwin House, that nuclear war loomed inevitably on the horizon, he immediately set to work. Using his government contacts he lobbied for an environmental preservation project similar to Project Safehouse, but to his frustration found himself repeatedly rebuffed in Washington. Convinced of the necessity of the project, Cranford ultimately invested his own considerable fortune to fund the construction of nine large, state-of-the-art greenhouses, designed to preserve thousands of the world’s rarest species of flora. Built secretly in remote locations spread across the United States, these entirely self-sufficient biospheres were to be Cranford’s legacy: his gift to a humbled human race when it emerged from the post-nuclear devastation and had to begin rebuilding its ravaged world.

But humanity never changes. In the years following the nuclear winter, of the seven biospheres that remained unscathed by the Great War, six soon fell prey to raiding gangs of survivors and scavengers looking for food, water and technology. Unbeknownst to the outside world, only Biosphere-08 was left untouched, nestled high in the mountains of California’s southern Sierra Nevada.

One and a half centuries later, you and your friends take on a job to look for a missing caravan of the Far Go Traders. The caravan was headed for the mountains north of Junktown, to conduct trade with a reclusive community known as the Keepers, rumoured to live at the foot of an ancient pre-War building…

As you can probably guess the Biosphere or Shining Temple as the cult of Keepers call it, will feature plenty of mutated plants and spore creatures, but none as terrible as the mutant spore plant that has infected the Keepers into worshipping it as a god...

The Resplendent One (Wild Card)
St d8, Ag d6, Vi d8, Sm d6, Sp d6
Fighting d8, Shooting d10, Notice d6
Stationary, Toughness 8, Parry 6
Vine Lash: St+d6: The Resplendent One has 4 large, thorny vines (Toughness 5, Parry 5) which it can use to lash out
Spore Cloud: Special: The Resplendent One can shoot concentrated globs of spores. All characters in a Small Burst Templ must make a Vigor check and suffer following effects:
- Raise: Unaffected
- Success: The character temporarily enters a mild psychedelic state, all manner of noises and colors distracting him or her. The character suffers a -2 penalty to all actions on his or her next turn
- Failure: The spore cloud has a strong narcotic effect on the character, rendering him or her Shaken
- Critical Failure: The character’s metabolism violently reacts to the inhaled spores. He or she falls to the ground completely paralyzed (but conscious) for 3 rounds
Note: Wearing Power Armor or a gas mask negates the need for a roll, a wet cloth covering the face adds a +2 bonus
Imp. Frenzy
Weakness (Fire): The Resplendent One takes an additional 1d6 damage from fire-based attacks

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