Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fallout dungeon stocking

There are many valuable artifacts of the Pre-War times still to be found for the intrepid scavenger. While the secrets of many advanced technologies, such as plasma weaponry, controlled flight and, as is rumoured, even nuclear fusion have been rediscovered by certain factions in the wasteland, occasionally even rarer objects are found: prototype weapons, top secret military equipment, relics of old wars and even more exotic items from beyond the stars. Needless to say these are highly sought after by every faction in the wasteland, and uncovering one of them can be both a blessing as well as a curse for its finder...

Here are some ideas for special loot to be found in your Fallout post apocalyptical dungeon.

Chinese remains: At the time of the Great War, the US and the People’s Republic of China were locked in an all-out war. Thanks to Power Armor technology, the US had managed to drive the Chinese out of Alaska and were taking the fight to them on Chinese soil. This didn’t mean that the American mainland was safe however, as saboteurs, spies, infiltrators and fifth-columnists continued to wreak havoc on a smaller scale. Even in 2249, sometimes relics of this war can be found in the wasteland.

Shansei C96 Chinese Pistol: The standard sidearm for Chinese militia members, the Shansei C96 is a very durable pistol, though less powerful than the standard American 10mm Pistol with which it shares the same ammunition type. Can sometimes be found in the wasteland as it was often issued to spies and fifth-columnists.
Range: 10/20/40 - Damage: 2d6-1 - RoF: 1 - Weight: 2 lbs - Shots: 7 (10mm) - Min. Str: / - Notes: Semi auto

Xuanlong Assault Rifle: Produced for the People's Liberation Army by Norinco, this Chinese Assault Rifle is a reliable, lightweight but effective variation on a basic assault rifle. However it uses NATO 5.56mm rounds, which have become quite scarce in the Post-War American wasteland
Range: 24/48/96 - Damage: 2d8+1 - RoF: 3 - Weight: 8 lbs - Shots: 24 (5.56mm) - Min. Str: d6 - Notes: Selective Fire

Chinese Officer's Shocksword: Chinese army officers carried with them a Zhanmadao sword as a sign of their authority. This particular sword has been modified to deal electrical damage, as can be seen from the blue current running up the blade, which can be turned on or off with a small switch on the insulated handle. A Small Energy Cell can be placed in the hilt.
Damage: St+d6+2 - Weight: 8 lbs - Min. Str: d6 - Notes: AP2, 2 hands, Runs on SEC

Hei Gui Stealth Armor: While the US developed Power Armor to gain an edge in the Sino-American war, the Chinese focused their efforts on stealth technology. The result was the Hei Gui Stealth Armor, a suit made of advanced polymers which actively cloaks the wearer, but offers only limited combat protection. Used by Black Ghost infiltrators on sabotage missions, it is vastly superior to Robco's derivative Stealth Boy units and functions without a built-in power source.
Amor: +1 - Weight: 15 lbs - Notes: Invisibility on wearer

Exotechnology: Some say mankind isn’t alone in the universe. Scavenger myths tell of mysterious crash sites and high security facilities from which never-before-seen technologies were recovered, and even more absurd stories are jokingly told about “flying saucers“ which abduct people and Brahmin....

Alien Shock Baton: This small melee weapon looks like a baton ending in an electromagnetic coil at the top. It deals an unpleasant electric shock to organic targets when hit. A small alien crystal in the handle seems to be its limitless power supply.
Damage: St+d4+2 - Weight: 2 lbs - Min. Str: / - Notes: Blunt

Alien Blaster: This highly advanced metallic alien pistol is a prime example of the superiority of the aliens’ technology. Lightweight and simple to use, this handgun packs as strong a punch as a Gatling Laser. A chamber on the side of the blaster allows for the fast reloading of Alien Power Cells.
Range: 12/24/48 - Damage: 4d6 - RoF: 1 - Weight 2 lbs - Shots: 10 - Notes: AP4, Snapfire, Disintegrates Target, Runs on Alien Power Cells

Modified Alien Blaster: This prototype Alien Blaster has been modified to run on Small Energy Cells, presumably by military scientists, though it seems the design alterations have left the functionality of the gun impaired.
Range: 12/24/48 - Damage: 3d6 - RoF: 1 - Weight 4 lbs - Shots: 10 - Min. Str: / - Notes: AP2, Snapfire, Disintegrates Target, Runs on SEC

Alien Disintegrator: This energy rifle can be found on the security crews of alien space ships. It lacks the high accuracy of the smaller Alien Blaster, though this heavy weapon is more powerful than any known human weapon. It has a slow rate of fire, but is extremely durable and energy efficient, allowing 20 shots to be fired per Power Cell.
Range: 10/20/40 - Damage: 4d8+2 - RoF: 1 - Weight 6 lbs - Shots: 20 - Min. Str: / - Notes: AP5, Snapfire, Disintegrates Target, Runs on Alien Power Cells

Alien Drone Cannon: The Drone Cannon is the removed arm cannon of an alien Guardian Drone, often found on alien motherships as security bots. It fires bouncing balls of energy which explode after a small amount of time. Difficult to aim precisely without the processing power of a Drone’s targeting system, this heavy weapon can be extremely devastating when used against multiple targets.
Range: 12/24/48 - Damage: 4d8+4 - RoF: 1 - Weight 40 lbs - Shots: 1 - Min. Str: d10 - Notes: AP6, Snapfire, -2 to Heavy Weapons roll, Runs on Alien Power Cells, Med Burst Template

Alien Cryo Grenade/Mine: These explosives use alien cryonic technology to encapsulate targets in an ephemeral cryostasis field upon detonation.
Range: 5/10/20 (Grenade) - Damage: / - Weight 2 lbs - Notes: Combined Entangle and Stun power in Med Burst Template for 3 rounds

Alien Inertia Suppression Field Generator: These devices act as personal force field shields, used by alien crews in hazardous environments. The Suppression Field gives of a slight glow and distorts the light around the wearer. The easily portable Generator runs on a small alien crystal, guaranteeing a near limitless power supply.
+1 Toughness on wearer


  1. I currently run a post-apocalyptic campaign of my own, and your dungeon-stocking has me curious about something. Do you ever feel like your wastelanders end up with weapons that are too powerful for the encounters you throw at them? If so, how do you control that?

    Also: Do you find your need to periodically disarm your PCs to turn them back into survivors/scavengers to make things challenging again? If so, how do they react?

    Finally: How often do character deaths occur in your game using the Savage Worlds system? I find it's highly dependent on whether or not I give out bennies--which is kind of a weird feeling for me.

  2. @swall - the simple way to disarm PCs is to have stuff breakdown on them and let them run out of ammo. Think, "So you guys have a nice big BFG, with one round left, better plan good boys..."

  3. Hi swall,

    I guess it comes down to the flow you create as a GM. I'm pretty conservative myself, only very gradually handing out goodies, as it takes away incentive to further explore if you reward them too fast I think.
    Evernevermore has got the right idea. Sure those exotic weapons can be powerful, but who can fix them and where to find the ammo...
    I find fights often come down to a battle of attrition as both sides use up their bennies before there's the possibility of any real damage happening. So far only one player in my campaign has been incapacitated but survived. The amount of enemies you throw at them also matters of course, but even then unlucky rolls and deaths because of it are always a possibility!

  4. Hi Raskolnik,

    I wanted to thank you for taking the time to create Savage Fallout! I just finished GMing the second session of a Savage Fallout game I am running for a friend. We are both new to the SW system, but we found it easy to pick up and have had a lot of fun with Savage Fallout so far.
    He created a gun-slinger type character named Dedland Holst. He had Enemy (minor) so the first 2 sessions involved his enemy "The Rattler".
    Dedland Holst has an ally now and a map of 'Area 5'. So eventually I want run that location when Dedland gets more XP.
    I'm still figuring out how to gauge the difficulty of encounters. For a boss battle I made the raider/slaver/town guard a Wild Card and gave him 4 allies. Dedland Holst (who was alone with no allies at the time) dispatched them all with only one tense moment where he recieved two wounds. He had no problem with a Mr. Handy...but I am a little reluctant to throw a Mr. Gutsy at him!
    The 3rd session will have a library filled with ghouls and maybe a unique 'librarian' that should be fun.
    Thanks again for sharing Savage Fallout!


  5. Hi Angela,

    thanks, glad you're enjoying SF! I've found the difficulty of combat encounters to variate wildly in Savage Worlds. A couple of sessions ago my players fought a bunch of Centaurs almost without getting a scratch, the next session two characters are incapacitated by Radroaches. The luck of the dice really plays a role in this game, though I'm impressed your player managed to beat a WC and 4 mooks on his own. If they had some guns or ganged up on him they should have presented a serious threat no?
    I must say The Rattler sounds intriguing, what was his story?
    If you get to run Area 5 let me know how it went, I think my group is still a ways off from getting there. :)

  6. Yeah luck was definitely on Dedland's side in the boss battle (lots of acing!). To be fair, only two of the lackeys had guns. It was a fun encounter though...a very western 'high-noon' main street showdown. :)

    The Rattler was Dedland's previous parter in crime. (He gets his name from being skinny like a snake) During a heist, it was Dedland's job to get the money and Rattler's job to deal with the robot security and help Dedland get the money out. The Rattler betrayed Dedland and took the money for himself. Dedland tracked the Rattler to a town in Arizona and that's where the session began.

    I'll definitely report on how Area 5 goes whenever Dedland makes it there...still a ways to go.