Saturday, November 13, 2010

Session 0 summary

The first two sessions were sort of trial runs to try out some of the new aspects and combat with just one player. I'll give a quick summary of the plot events here:

Session 0


- Rhiannon Adare: inhabitant of Vault 21, skilled technician and science enthusiast;

Vault 21 was designed so the external sensors would unchangingly register lethal doses of radiation outside, basically confining its population to the Vault for all eternity. Special care was taken in choosing the original Overseer: a family history of mental instability, delusion, paranoid schizophrenic and aggressive tendencies, which were passed on to the next generations of Overseers. Over the years people would occasionally mysteriously disappear, after being deemed a (real of perceived) threat by the Overseer. By 2245 the population had dwindled to about eighty inhabitants, infertility and inbreeding becoming an increasingly real problem. In a desperate attempt to overthrow the Overseer, a handful of people revolted, among them Rhiannon's father. The rebellion quickly went south however. Her father, dying from a gunshot, revealed to her a very similar situation had occurred twenty years earlier and that her mother, being one of the ringleaders, had been banished from the Vault, sent out to die in the irradiated Wasteland and had not died giving birth as he had always told her. Rhiannon, having lost her last remaining family, fearing for her life because of her involvement, saw no choice but to try and escape, even if it would mean a slow death in the wastes. With the help of some of the other inhabitants she managed to elude security and open the great Vault door, leaving behind everything she had ever known for an uncertain future.
Outside, which turned out to be somewhere in Death Valley, she encountered a friendly scout of the Timbisha tribe, who invited her to his village. Spending some time there and learning that her mother had passed through there twenty years earlier also, she set out southwards. At dusk however, she and her Tribal guide Ticlop were ambushed by a raiding party of four from the neighbouring Macave tribe. Despite being a seasoned hunter and warrior, Ticlop soon found himself outmatched as the leader of the hostile Tribals ended his life with a forceful swing of his tomahawk. Rhiannon, not being accustomed to fighting, nevertheless fought with all the ferocity of a cornered animal, managing to brutally slash open two of her adversaries before being wrestled to the ground and bound. Planning to sell her to slavers, they started to lead her back to their own village. By now night had fallen however, and in their turn the tribals were ambushed by a snarling beast jumping out of the darkness. Being skilled hunters they quickly managed to dispatch the creature, but Rhiannon took full advantage of the confusion to make her escape. Hiding from her pursuers, she managed to throw them off and eventually made her way back to the Tribal village of Shoshünümü, hurt and shocked, but alive.

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