Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Alternative character sheets

-- UPDATE --

Stephen has provided us with an updated version of the character sheets as well as new Fallout themed Adventure Deck! Check it out below! He has also provided a blank version for those who want to make their own deck.

Fallout character sheet

Fallout character sheet print friendly

Savage Worlds adventure deck (blank)

Savage Fallout adventure deck


Stephen Lebeck has created some great new sheets for Savage Fallout and Savage Worlds sci-fi games in general, you can download them using the links below (both full color and print friendly versions). The sheets do include some extra skills not used in the Savage Fallout rules as otherwise presented here, so you may need to mix and match a little.

Hope you all enjoy and thanks Stephen for the great work!

Fallout character sheet

Fallout character sheet print friendly

Fallout character sheet addenda

Fallout character sheet addenda print friendly

Savage Worlds character sheet

Savage Worlds sci-fi character sheet


  1. The perils included with my group of hardcore Fallout players are an insistance on buying Energy Weapons as a different skill from Big Guns. I made sure all the skills from the currently available sheet were listed (with Persuasion being called Speech). At absolute worst there would be a few unused options for most games unless I missed something glaring.

    You are welcome, and I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

    1. This is a great looking character sheet!

    2. Also, I tend to agree with making the three types of guns separate skills. When I was running Savage Fallout I toyed with the idea of using STR for Big Guns, AGI for Small Guns, and SMA for Energy Weapons, but it began to feel too D&D 4th Edition. I'm still considering Adding SMA prereqs for Energy Weapons, but seeing as that's a bit of a deviation from the spirit of OG Fallout, I may renege yet again.

  2. Interesting idea David. I agree that omitting Energy Weapons as a separate skill is indeed a departure from the crpgs and I can understand wanting to change it to preserve the flavor; I did so as a way of making sure novice characters were a bit more balanced and combat able. Similarly that's why I rolled Melee, Unarmed and Throwing into the Fighting skill.

  3. I just found this and am amazed. Great Job! My players wanted to run a fallout game, and this helps tremendously!