Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Session 15 summary

Things in the wasteland are about to change, as war breaks out between the two most powerful factions in New California... which role will our heroes play in the conflict to come?


- Dexx: Young thief, trying to leave behind his former life in the street gangs of the Boneyard to make a living scavenging out in the wasteland;

- Rhiannon: Vault 21 outcast, skilled engineer and adventurous spirit adjusting to life on the outside, with a mission to retake her vault;

Our heroes left behind the biosphere and began the journey home, making their way down the mountains and back south towards the Hub. Among the possessions retrieved from the Keepers they found a mysterious note from a man named Siggurd and something called the New Order.

After four days of travel the group reached Junktown, where they discovered that in their absence some major events had began to take form. As they learned from a paperboy pushing special edition copies on a street corner, some days earlier a baggage train of the NCR army was raided, leaving no survivors. Evidence seemed to indicate that the Brotherhood of Steel was involved somehow. Before continuing further south the next day, Dexx paid a visit to the local doctor to have his nasty wound looked after.

Three days of uneventful hiking later, they entered the sprawling trade town that is the Hub once more. Drinks were had to celebrate their safe return, and a preliminary division of the spoils made in respect to their helpful guides. The five of them would meet again the next day at the Far Go Traders headquarters, to present their evidence and claim the promised reward.

The Traders’ foreman Butch, wasn’t unambiguously convinced by the personal belongings and crate they had dragged all the way back to the Hub, but decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Half the reward money was paid out, and at Butch’s request they went down to the central police station and made their statements. As soon as the official investigation would yield conclusive results, Butch promised to make good on the other half.

Whatever hopes they had of enjoying a few days of quiet, were dashed quite suddenly as a crowd began to gather in the town square. From passers-by rushing toward the center they learned what had happened; the president had declared war on the Brotherhood of Steel. Rhiannon, Dexx and Craig slunk away from the disquieted mass of people as small groups broke out in nationalistic songs and spirited flag waving. As patriotic citizens began to march through the streets on their way to enlist, the three of them settled for a quiet bar, planning to take it easy for a couple of days, and already starting to think up plans how they could make a profit on this war.