Sunday, October 30, 2011

The gangs of SD: The Angels of Mercy

Doomsday cult or elite hitmen: the enigmatic Angels of Mercy.

E) The Angels of Mercy

-          The gang: Perhaps the most enigmatic of all the gangs in SD, many rumours are spread about the Angels of Mercy, though very little is known with certainty. The gang is located in the Park, occupying the old medical center and some of the surrounding area. They are highly proficient with firearms and explosives and possess some of the finest weaponry found in SD. As the Angels of Mercy usually prefer to operate alone or in small groups, their true strength is a mystery, but most estimate they number no more than a few dozen. They seemingly raid not to claim territory, but rather to gather supplies and inflict as many casualties as possible before falling back to their own turf.

 The members of the gang are all said to follow a peculiar religion, a mixture of Christianity and death-worship as found among the eastern tribes. Their leader is only known to the outside world as the Angel of Death, and his true identity is regarded as the best kept secret in SD. His true identity is known only to a handful of the most trusted Angels of Mercy; an elite circle of sharpshooters called the Harbingers. Unbeknownst even to the other gang members, the Angel of Death, an unassuming middle-aged man, walks among them at all times, dressed like any other member, performing the same tasks and everyday activities of the gang. With a note or a whisper he surreptitiously relays his commands to the Harbingers, who then spread them among the rest of the gang.

 Angels of Mercy tend to avoid any contact with the outside world, deeming it unclean and filled with irredeemable sinners. As they keep their identities a well-guarded secret, this leads many to believe that the Angels of Mercy keep spies everywhere, infiltrating all the major gangs, though no evidence exists to support these suspicions.

 When the Angels of Mercy do go outside to raid and kill, they wear white procedural masks, which is the only identifiable mark the gang has. Though they favor stealth, they are quick to adapt and switch to all-out carnage when the fighting becomes heated.

 While the gang clearly has very little love for the outside world and the other gangs, they do however except individual petitioners. At a rusted gate marking the border of their territory an intercom system can be found. Any outsider may use it; he or she has to say a prayer for the soul of the person they would like killed, then leave a proportionate donation at the gate and leave. Five days later, that person is invariably killed, or the donation was not deemed sufficient.

-          Turf: The Angels of Mercy control the crumbling pre-War SD Medical Center and neighbouring buildings. It is rumoured that every inch of it is booby-trapped with explosives and other equally lethal contrivances, and that experienced marksmen scour the area day and night for intruders.

-          Influence: The Angels of Mercy have little dealings with the other gangs which does not involve raiding them. Their reputation as expert killers and hitmen garners them both fear and scorn. No one on the outside has ever seen there leader, though when Barbatus declared himself lord of all of SD, the Angel of Death sent an envoy, stating that the Angels of Mercy would pay homage to the Chain Gang as long as Barbatus lives. Many gangs assume the Angels of Mercy are biding their time, waiting to wipe out all the other gangs in one swoop when the opportunity presents itself. The Angels of Mercy pay homage to the Chain Gang.

Angel of Mercy
St d6, Ag d10, Vi d8, Sm d8, Sp d8
Fighting d6, Small Guns d10, Explosives d8, Stealth d8, Notice d8, Survival d8
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 6/7(1), Parry 5
-Leather Coat, Leather Armor (+1)
-Combat Knife St+d4+1
-Silenced 9mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1
-Hunting Rifle 24/48/96 2d8 RoF1
-Assault Rifle 24/48/96 2d8 RoF3
-Combat Shotgun 12/24/48 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload
-Frag Grenade 12/24/48 3d6
-Frag Mine 3d6+2 Med Burst Templ

St d6, Ag d10, Vi d8, Sm d8, Sp d10
Fighting d8, Small Guns d12, Explosives d10, Stealth d12, Notice d10, Survival d12
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 7(1), Parry 6
-Leather Armor (+1)
-Combat Knife St+d4+1
-Silenced 9mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1
-7.62mm Sniper Rifle 50/100/200 2d10 RoF1
-H&K P90C 12/24/48 2d6+1 RoF3
-Frag Grenade 12/24/48 3d6
-Plastic Explosives 4d10+3 Large Burst Templ

The Angel of Death (Wild Card)
St d6, Ag d10, Vi d8, Sm d10, Sp d12
Fighting d6, Small Guns d12, Explosives d12, Stealth d10, Notice d12, Survival d12, Persuasion d10, Barter d10
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 6, Parry 5
-Leather Coat
-Butterfly Knife St+d4
-Silenced 9mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1
-7.62mm Sniper Rifle 50/100/200 2d10 RoF1
-Frag Grenade 12/24/48 3d6

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The gangs of SD: The Pit Lords

A gang of pit slaves who've turned the tables on their former masters and all other slavers: the Pit Lords

D) The Pit Lords
-          The gang: A decade ago, the Jackhammer gang controlled most of the Park area. At the height of their power they started using the old, abandoned SD Zoo to cage their slaves and the captives from their raids. Soon enough the guards began staging gruesome fights, first pitting their prisoners and slaves against each other, later also against deadly wasteland creatures that the gang captured for this purpose. The stories of these spectacular pit fights quickly spread, gaining such popularity and infamy among the SD raiders that the Jackhammers opened the Zoo to the other gangs. Quickly it became the prime gambling hole to make some fast money as well as slake one’s bloodlust. As the number of fights rose steadily to keep up with demand, the Jackhammers started raiding for slaves frequently, training them to become pit fighters, and began breeding their own mutated animals.
       Eventually each night three matches were staged: the first a group free-for-all, pitting five men and women against each other, last one standing wins; the second a creature feature, throwing a few men with simple weapons against giant mutant animals; the last of every night a one-on-one melee between the winners of the fights from previous days. The slaves were offered only one way to regain their freedom: a fighter could go free if he or she won twenty matches. After more than two years, finally one man rose to the challenge, a crowd favourite with the pit name Bonebreaker. In his twentieth fight, he managed to defeat a giant Radscorpion, armed with nothing more than a net and a spear. However, the promised freedom proved to be a lie. When the guards escorted him back to the slave cells deep in the bowels of the arena, Bonebreaker overpowered his jailors. He then headed straight for the Zoo’s beast master, slew him and his men and proceeded to unlock all the animal cages, allowing them to make their way into the arena theater. While the creatures ran amok and kept the present raiders occupied, Bonebreaker freed the other slaves. Those raiders that were left after the animals tore into them were then quickly dispatched, and the slaves proclaimed themselves to be the new pit lords. The Jackhammers soon enough retaliated in force, but the former slaves managed to hold the Zoo, and though they lasted for a few years still, this embarrasing defeat signalled the beginning of the end for the once mighty Jackhammer gang.
 The pit fighters chose Bonebreaker as their leader, and he would lead the gang to prominence in the coming decade. The Pit Lords’ ferocity in battle was matched only by their hate for their former masters and all other slaver gangs. However, in their view even those who had merely condoned the slaving trade were equally at fault, and almost from the start they turned their wrath upon all raiders and gangs indiscriminately.
 The Pit Lords, though generally ill-equipped, are all excellent melee fighters, their burning hate the only weapon they need. They are also known to unleash their cage-bred creatures on unsuspecting neighbouring gangs, before the fighters begin their assault proper. They show no mercy to the defeated, taking captives only to throw them to the animals (Radscorpions, Giant Mantises, Molerats, Gecko’s - even a pair of Deathclaws) they once more began breeding in the Zoo. Captured slaves however are freed of their bonds, though the Pit Lords demand one thing in return: the freed slave must become part of the gang until he or she has killed twenty slavers, and may then choose to leave the gang, or stay. Slaves who refuse are hanged as ungrateful cowards and traitors.
 The Pit Lords distinguishing gang mark are the numbers XX in red paint, reminding their fighters of their blood debt of twenty kills. Many fighters also keep a running tally of the number of men they’ve killed, making notches on their weapons, clothing or armor. Some of the more brutal fighters have each kill tattooed on their body, or give themselves a scar for each one. Those who reach their twenty kills and stay with the gang get the honorary title of Champion. The Pit Lords are, apart from the Jetheads, the only major gang to accept mutants, counting several Ghouls and Super Mutants among their ranks.
 Once they enter the gang, each member renounces their former birth or slave name, and takes on a name in the fashion of the pit fighters. When trapped and outnumbered, Pit Lords take their own lives when possible, rather than fall into the hands of their enemies.
 After the death of Bonebreaker in the Convent ambush, they are now led by Steelfist, a one-armed giant of a man. As Bonebreaker before him, Steelfist renounces Barbatus’ dominance over SD and the Pit Lords, professing that the Pit Lords will never again serve a master other than themselves.
-          Turf: The Pit Lords have taken SD Zoo as their territory, and so far none of the other gangs have managed to challenge their claim. Most of the old Zoo is overgrown with weeds and crumbling, but the have kept the remaining pens and cages in good condition.
-          Influence: The only thing despised more in SD than a slave, is an unruly slave. Tales of cannibalism and lycanthrophy are spread about the Pit Lords, and none of the major gangs want any dealings with this gang made up of escaped slaves. As they are a force to be reckoned with however, none of the gangs go out of their way to actively provoke them. When Barbatus promised the Pit Lords a parley on equal footing with the other gangs, the gang readily accepted. Though Steelfist continues the same line as Bonebreaker, he lacks the iconic status of the Pit Lords’ liberator, and many suspect the gang will weaken itself and fall apart before too long under their new leadership.

Pit Lord
St d8, Ag d8, Vi d8, Sm d6, Sp d8
Fighting d10, Small Guns d4, Intimidate d10, Taunt d8, Notice d8, Stealth d4
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 7(1), Parry 7
-Leather Armor (+1)
-Brass/Spiked Knuckles St+d4
-Dagger St+d4
-Cleaver St+d6
-Spear St+d6, Reach 1, Parry +1
-Sledgehammer St+d8, Parry -1

Pit Lord Champion
St d10, Ag d8, Vi d8, Sm d6, Sp d10
Fighting d12, Small Guns d8, Intimidate d12, Taunt d10, Notice d10, Stealth d6
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 7(1), Parry 8
-Leather Armor (+1)
-Sledgehammer St+d8, Parry -1
-Hunting Rifle 24/48/96 2d8 RoF1
-Double Barrel 12/24/48 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload
-MP9 10mm SMG 12/24/48 2d6 RoF3

Steelfist (Wild Card)
St d12, Ag d8, Vi d10, Sm d6, Sp d12
Fighting d12, Small Guns d4, Intimidate d12, Taunt d12, Notice d10, Stealth d4
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 10/11(+2/+3 vs Energy Weapons), Parry 7
One Arm
-Metal Armor (+2/+3 vs Energy Weapons)
-Gladiatorial Helmet (enclosed) (+2)
-Power Fist St+d10

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The gangs of SD: The Gassers

The scourge of SD, a collection of lunatics and chem addicts: the Gassers.

C) The Gassers
-          The gang: Terrorizing the downtown area south of the Puñetazo’s turf, the Gassers are a loosely held together group of deranged killers and psychopaths. If they have a real name it is unknown: Gassers is the collective name the other gangs gave the many disparate groups of raiders that together make up the gang. Their strength is hard to gauge and always rising or falling, as they have without a doubt the highest mortality rate of any of the major gangs. Most of their members are lightly armed, but they make up for this by always attacking in large numbers wherever they go. Their more seasoned warriors have a penchant for heavy weaponry. Their actions look completely erratic and their attacks are unorganized, which ultimately makes them only a threat -though a serious one- to their immediate neighbours. If the Gassers have a leader, he or she has never been seen. The gang is fiercely territorial to boot, defending their turf to the death, though sometimes for seemingly no reason abandoning certain blocks and grabbing others from the surrounding gangs.
The Gassers have no gang markings, but many of them wear empty smoke grenades or gas canisters draped as bandoliers. The most feared Gassers can be found wearing pre-War gas masks as a status symbol.
 It is a public secret that the Jetheads provide the Gassers with cheap Psycho so that their chem-induced raids keep the other downtown gangs occupied; little known however is that the Jetheads lace this Psycho with additional, inferior hallucinogens, causing severe anxiety attacks and bout of aggression in the user, as well as short to medium term mental health deterioration.
-          Turf: The Gassers’ core terrain is located near the heart of SD downtown, often stretching out east and west for a while when the gang has been active. They often come in contact with the Puñetazo, harrying them but unable to gain terrain on them. The Gasser quarter is one of the least populated parts of town; while other gangs allow “independent” bars, brothels and gambling holes on their turf in exchange for protection money, the Gassers raid anything and anyone that’s not one of their own. The only inhabited spots in the ruins of their territory are Gasser hideouts.
-          Influence: The Gassers are rightly feared by the neighbouring gangs, but their inability to form organize raids makes them less of a threat for the other major gangs farther north. Thus they are mostly shunned and the other gangs have very little dealings with them. The Gassers have never accepted Barbatus’ dominance, but there is little interest with the Chain Gang for subduing the quarrelsome gang. The Puñetazo are mortal enemies of the Gassers.

St d6, Ag d8, Vi d6, Sm d4, Sp d8
Fighting d6, Small Guns d6, Explosives d6, Intimidate d8, Taunt d4, Notice d8
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 5/6(1), Parry 5, Uses Psycho
            -Wasteland Outfit, Combat Leather Jacket (+1 vs Fighting, 0 vs Bullets)
            -Shiv St+d4
            -Lead Pipe St+d4+1
-Combat Knife St+d4+1
-Sledgehammer: St+d8, Parry -1
-10mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1
-Molotov Cocktail 10/20/40 2d6 Med Burst Templ, Can start fires
-Smoke Grenade 12/24/48 Large Burst Templ, Obscure power

            Gasser Raidmaster
            St d6, Ag d8, Vi d6, Sm d6, Sp d8
Fighting d8, Small Guns d8, Heavy Weapons d8, Explosives d8, Intimidate d10, Taunt d6, Notice d8
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 7/8(+2/+3 vs Energy Weapons), Parry 6, Uses Psycho
            -Metal Armor (+2/+3 vs Energy Weapons)
            -Gas Mask
            -Ripper St+d8
            -Sledgehammer: St+d8, Parry -1
            -Sawed-off Double Barrel 4/8/16 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload
            -Flamer Cone 2d10 RoF1, 3 actions to reload
-Molotov Cocktail 10/20/40 2d6 Med Burst Templ, Can start fires
-Smoke Grenade 12/24/48 Large Burst Templ, Obscure power

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The gangs of SD: The Lawmen

Next up: the once infamous Lawmen gang.

B) The Lawmen
-          The gang: For almost three decades the Lawmen were one of the most powerful and respected gangs in the riotous SD downtown area, surviving and growing where many others had come and gone before them. Receiving homage from the smaller gangs around them, their affluency allowed them to lay down their own law over downtown and the east village, making ruined Cal Western their seat of power. All of this changed two years ago however, when a large roaming band of raiders, the Puñetazo, from the lands south of SD moved into the city, and after three weeks of fierce street fighting managed to claim all the Lawmen’s territory for their own. The still considerable force of Lawmen fled north, where they found a welcome ally in the Jetheads (which themselves had just taken a brutal beating after trying to expand into the Park area). The Jetheads allowed the Lawmen to stay on the dilapidated waterfront which they controlled though had no use for themselves; the former docks swarming with vermin and other unsavoury creatures. With no other option, the Lawmen had to make due, planning all the while on how to retake their own turf.
 As time passed by and the prospect of reclaiming downtown became ever less likely, their numbers started to dwindle rapidly, and so did their influence. The remaining Lawmen now serve as a constant reminder to the other gangs that complacency has no place in SD.  Numbering little more than a hundred, the Lawmen are a reasonably skilled, lightly armed gang, making their home in a few shacks, boathouses and the marina south of the airport. They limit themselves to raiding the waterside gangs in the rest of SD using boats they managed to salvage. Lex, the current leader (Judge) of the gang, the son of the last Judge, is an ambitious young man and has great plans for the future. His attempts to gain more support from the Jetheads beyond a weapons discount have so far fallen on deaf ears, however. The Lawmen paint a large white L on the back of their clothing and armor as their gang sign.
-          Turf: The Lawmen control Harbor Island south of the airport by permission of the Jetheads. More so than most places in SD, the infrastructure is in shambles and a squalid mess.
-          Influence: Posing little threat to the major gangs, the Lawmen are commonly derided, but being one of the oldest still existing gangs, they can still command some respect with the smaller gangs. The Lawmen pay homage to the Jetheads and the Chain Gang, and are mortal enemies of the Puñetazo.

St d6, Ag d6, Vi d6, Sm d6, Sp d6
            Fighting d6, Small Guns d6, Explosives d4, Intimidate d6, Taunt d6, Notice d6
            Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 6/7(1), Parry 5
-Combat Leather Jacket (+1 vs Fighting, 0 vs Bullets), Leather Armor (+1)
-Combat Knife St+d4+1
-10mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1
-Hunting Rifle 24/48/96 2d8 RoF1
-MP9 10mm SMG 12/24/48 2d6 RoF3
-Combat Shotgun 12/24/48 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload

Lex (Wild Card)
St d6, Ag d8, Vi d8, Sm d8, Sp d6
Fighting d8, Small Guns d6, Intimidate d8, Taunt d6, Notice d8, Persuasion d6,
Barter d4
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 7(1), Parry 6
-Leather Armor (+1)
-Brass Knuckles St+d4
-.44 Magnum 12/24/48 2d6+1 RoF1, 1 action to reload
-Combat Shotgun 12/24/48 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The gangs of SD: The Ship Rats

As discussed last week I've written down most of the background info I came up with for my Fallout living dungeon/city experiment. I'll post the stuff and stats for the characters in small installments over the coming week, most of it can be reworked to a different context for those so inclined! I'll kick off with the first gang: the Ship Rats.
On an unrelated note, I've bundled the posts about exotic dungeon loot in one PDF which you can get here.

In 2249, ruined San Diego, south of the civilized lands of the New California Republic, is a hellhole, run by dozens of brutal gangs constantly vying for dominance over the city's ragged remains. Recently however in an ambitious move, Barbatus, the leader of the Chain Gang, SD's most powerful gang, united the other six major gangs, cutting down all opposition against him in one fell swoop. His proposition: for the gangs to stop fighting among themselves over scraps, when together they could mount an assault on a much more worthwhile target: the cities of Dayglow and Boneyard. Now NCR and the Brotherhood of Steel are at each other's throats, the south is ripe for the taking...

A) The Ship Rats
-          The gang: Least of the seven major gangs, the Ship Rats number less than a hundred men and women. The gang calls itself the Crew, but everyone else in SD calls them the Ship Rats, after the derelict aircraft carrier in which the gang made their hideout.
 The Ship Rats have no weapons arsenal to speak of, so most of its members can be seen using knives, lead pipes and other melee weapons, while a few have pistols, shotguns and rifles. A group of lowlifes, scavs and addicts, few of them are skilled fighters. The vast majority of its members suffer from chem addiction and alcohol abuse, more oft than not to be found on board shooting up and partying through the night.
 Unable to pose any real threat to the more organized gangs, the Ship Rats content themselves with raiding the smaller street gangs and rabble living in the area surrounding the dockside, when they run low on supplies and sober up.
 The Ship Rats are led in name by the Captain, but the disorganized, ragtag group receives and demands little in the way of actual leadership. The Captain ends up being whichever gang members feels like taking up the title, and the position frequently switches around. The current Captain is a little respected sallow man called Hassan, often derisively referred to as the Skipper, who likes to parade around in a pre-War naval uniform.
-          Turf: The Ship Rats control the partially submerged aircraft carrier USS Midway and the surrounding dockside. The ship is a filthy, rusted death trap from long before the War. While its guns haven’t worked in ages, it boasts a few equally antique aircraft, though the Ship Rats lack the know-how to get these potential assets in working condition.
-          Influence: the Ship Rats are disdained by all the major gangs, considering them only just above the common street gangs and other rabble in SD. The only reason why the gang has not been wiped out yet, seems to be that the risk of a frontal assault on their ship would be a more costly affair than the potential reward merits. Few in number and lightly armed, they are at the bottom of the SD food chain. Since Barbatus came to power, the Ship Rats pay homage to the Chain Gang.

Ship Rat
St d6, Ag d6, Vi d6, Sm d6, Sp d6
Fighting d6, Small Guns d6, Taunt d4, Intimidate d4, Notice d6, Stealth d4
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 6/7(1), Parry 5, Uses Jet, Psycho
-Combat Leather Jacket (+1 vs Fighting, 0 vs Bullets), Leather Armor (+1)
-Throwing Knives 3/6/12 St+d4 RoF 1
-Brass/Spiked Knuckles St+d4
-Crowbar St+d4+1
-Shiv St+d4
-10mm Pistol 12/24/48 2d6 RoF1
-Hunting Rifle 24/48/96 2d8 RoF1
-Double Barrel 12/24/48 1-3d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload

Hassan (Wild Card)
St d6, Ag d4, Vi d6, Sm d8, Sp d8
Fighting d4, Small Guns d4, Notice d8, Persuasion d6, Barter d8
Pace 6, Run d6, Toughness 5, Parry 4
-Naval Uniform
-US Naval Officer Saber: St+d6
-Flare Gun 10/20/40 2d6 RoF1, 1 action to reload, Can start fires, Frightens animals

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Some Ghouls and some Super Mutants

Inspired by my friend Gavin's excellent tables of random background characteristics for some of the non-human races in his LL campaign, I made something similar for the non-human races in the Fallout universe, for those who like some randomness in their character creation or something to get the inspiration going, with the roll of a d20.

Some Ghouls:

1)       Hate humans with a passion, secretly resenting them for being reminders of their old, normal looking selves.
2)       Take on new names after becoming a Ghoul, often of mythological persons/beings connected to ‘death’ and the ‘afterlife’ as a way of embracing their new existence.
3)       Still retain some measure of facial hair.
4)       Have a normal sounding voice instead of the deep, gravely voice of most Ghouls.
5)       Can sense radiation, feeling it as a warm, comforting glow.
6)       Are known to live more than two centuries with their minds intact.
7)       Have heightened senses, making them more perceptive than regular humans.
8)       Can remember nothing of their previous lives as humans.
9)       Want nothing to do with or even hate Glowing Ones and feral Ghouls.
10)   Are predominantly to exclusively attracted to humans.
11)   Are gravely offended by slurs as shuffler, zombie or Ghoul, wishing to be called necrotic post-humans instead.
12)   Were transformed from humans into Ghouls nearly instantly by an extremely large dosis of radiation, while for most the ghoulification process took many months or years.
13)   Have a fairly intact, cracked skin, unlike the raw, discoloured rotting appearance of most Ghouls, sometimes even having a complete nose.
14)   Are abhorred by their condition, clinging to what remains of their humanity as much as possible, in extreme cases even denying their ghoulishness.
15)   Are as much affected by regular alcohol as humans.
16)   Can only walk in a shambling gait.
17)   Have absorbed so much radiation that their scars emit puffs of greenish smoke, and their flesh seems to melt and bubble in some places.
18)   Only associate with other Ghouls.
19)   Believe they are the next stage in human evolution.
20)   Are heavily emaciated and hunched over.

Some Super Mutants:

1)       Have a pale blue skin instead of the shades of green of other Super Mutants through the extended use of stealth devices.
2)       Excessively stress their gender through clothing or accessories.
3)       Remember snippets of their former lives.
4)       Use leather straps to hold their upper lip in place and constantly bare their teeth.
5)       Have a fondness for human flesh.
6)       Are generous to the point of their own detriment.
7)       Have fitful dreams or vague recollections of a cold, dark, metal place.
8)       Are convinced that Super Mutants are in every way vastly superior to humans.
9)       Adhere to strict philosophies of their own devising.
10)   Use monikers bestowed by others as their proper name.
11)   Would do anything to avoid capture or enslavement.
12)   Are deeply distrustful of humans.
13)   Hate being seen or stared at.
14)   Don’t get along with Super Mutants of a different generation.
15)   Are prone to senility when reaching old age.
16)   Strongly hold to the vision of a harmonious, united wasteland.
17)   Have a sexual interest in humans.
18)   Can drink copious amounts of alcohol with little to no effect.
19)   Have large warts on their face and body.
20)   Establish family ties with other Super Mutants.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Living dungeons

Something I wanted to try (and still hoping to get to some time soon!) in my Fallout campaign was work out a "living dungeon" for the players to explore and influence. Now two of my all time favourite PA SF films are Escape from NY and Escape from LA, so I was intrigued by the idea of making the dungeon and actual city. My eye eventually turned to San Diego, as I think it would make a great setting for a similar adventure. Now my question: does anyone have any experience with running living dungeons in a Fallout setting/other SW?
Also I've started writing down the stuff I'd worked out, for those interested. More updates to follow in the coming weeks, but I'll leave you with the map I made, depicting all the gangs of SD and their respective turfs.

A) The Ship Rats
B) The Lawmen
C) The Gassers
D) The Pit Lords
E) The Angels of Mercy
F) The Jetheads
G) The Puñetazo
H) The Chain Gang
I) The Friars
J) The Convent

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wasteland adventures

As my campaign was set in 2250, 4 year after Fallout 2 and some 30 years before Fallout: New Vegas, one of the ideas I was toying around with was starting a little story arc revolving around Caesar and his rise to power in the east. I've made a one sheet out of the adventure hook that was to kick off said arc. Maybe I'll get back to working out the entire thing in more detail. As it is now you can use it as a little filler one session adventure or perhaps to kick off something bigger if it catches your fancy!